Why has SBD spiked so much?

3년 전


This is rather confusing, SBD has spiked as much as 40% earlier today and its even lower than steem which is at $1.8
I don't get it, isn't SBD supposed to be more stable?
Also it has spiked only on Poloniex which eerily has SBD/Steem deposits and withdrawals suspended for more than a week now!

What's going on?

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Poloniex is being used to manipulate the price on other exchanges would be my guess. Personally I don't even consider them relevant in my decision making anymore.


i see ,maybe that's the reason they have deposit/withdrawal suspended for so long


entirely possible, my general attitude is when exchanges start acting wonky, run!

I didn't notice a spike... I never seem to know where to look...
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My "opinion" is peiple are looking for a safe haven during these wild down turns. Tether is an obvious choice. However with the recent hardfork and subsequent selling of SBD due to the fork are linik g up during this crypto correction. Its another perspective to evaluate overall with everything going on in the cryptospace.