Stackoverflow over Steem

5년 전

Very excited about the extraordinary potential of steem(it)!

I was just wondering if anybody had already looked into creating a stackoverflow-like application built-upon steem. It looks to me like the perfect match. Software developers are traditionally early adopters of the crypto world, many of them/us like helping other developers and solving problems, many people making questions on stackoverflow are professional developers that use the tool for their (paid) job, etc. What if helping other devs would get you money?

I know it's a long shot but hey....

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I ask please that you see my post, with your vote I can put my business and thus have a job and be able to feed my children. With just a few clicks you can change my life. Thanks in advance. Nicolas

  ·  3년 전

Exactly for this purpose, I've created Check out the introduction post A discussion board build on top of the Steem blockchain

So, no one created any project yet?

I've had the same thought, and would like to see SteemIt integrated into Stackoverflow. Maybe you can join the discussion on that end.

I have the similar idea. Content, knowledge and ideas have values, crypto currency such as steem facilities the sharing process and rewards its creators. They have a positive effects on our society. Website such as stackoverflow should turn their reputation into some exchange traded crypto, or someone else will do it