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In Indonesia, pineapple is planted in gardens, yards, and other places that get enough sunlight at an altitude of 1 - 1,300 m above sea level. Pineapple is a fruit plant that is always available throughout the year.

The shoot creeps on the base. The leaves gather in the root rosette and on the base it widens into a midrib. Sword-shaped leaf blade, thick, clayy, 80 - 120 cm long, 2 - 6 cm wide, pointed tip resembles thorns, spiny edges that bend upward, scaly underside, green or reddish green. Compound interest is arranged in a very tight grain, the terminal is located and has a long stem. The fruit is buni fruit compound, long round, fleshy, green, if the color is yellow. Pineapple tastes good, sour to sweet. The seeds are small, often not finished.
The fruit, besides being eaten directly, can also be preserved by boiling and giving sugar, jam, or syrup. Pineapple fruit can also be used to give sweet and sour taste, as well as meat tenderizer. The fibrous leaves can be made thread or rope.
Pineapple fruit plants can be propagated with crowns, stem shoots, or axillary shoots.

Properties and Benefits

Ripe fruit is cold, efficacious to reduce excess stomach acid, helps digest food in the stomach, anti-inflammatory, peluruh urine, cleanse dead skin tissue (skin debridement), interfere with cancer cell growth, inhibit platelet clotting (platelet aggregation), and have activities fibrinolytic.
Young fruit tastes sour, efficacious stimulates digestive enzymes, antelmintics, diuretics, peluruhhaid (emenagogues), abortivum, laxative phlegm (mucolytic), and laxative.
Leaves are antipyretic, antelmintic, laxative, anti-inflammatory, and normalize the menstrual cycle.

Chemical Content

The fruit contains vitamins A and C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, dekstroksa, sucrose (sugar cane), and the enzyme bromelain. Bromelain is anti-inflammatory, helps soften food in the stomach, disrupts cancer cell growth, inhibits platelet aggregation, and has fibrinolytic activity. The fiber content can facilitate bowel movements in patients with constipation.
Leaves contain calcium oxalate and pectic substances.

The parts used are fruits and leaves.

Pineapple is used for treatment:

  • Full feeling in the stomach
  • Constipation
  • inflammation of the throat
  • Lose weight
  • Give-berries
  • Sprains, swelling hit
  • Blood clots easily (blood coagulation)
  • Atherosclerosis (narrowing of blood vessels)
  • Inhibits tumor growth
  • Increases absorption (absorption) of drugs
  • Menstruation is late
  • Worms

How ​​to use
For drugs taken, ½ - 2 medium sized pineapple juice or can also be shredded, then drink.
For external drug use, peel pineapple, then grate. Apply the results of the grater to the affected part of the body, such as cleaning dead tissue in burns, dandruff, boils, ulcers, and inflammation of the skin (dermatitis). How to lan, mash the pineapple leaves until smooth, then apply to burns, boils, itching.

Pharmacological Effects and Research Results

  1. Research on the effect of adding pineapple juice to the quality of cow's milk that has been done. Apparently, the addition of 3.4 ml of pineapple juice obtained the lowest bacterial population, namely 37.60 x 10⁴ cells / ml and the highest fat content of 7.594%. At the addition of 3.2 ml of pineapple juice obtained the highest protein content of 19,138% (M.Nuh Nasution, Department of Biology FMIPA UNAND, 1993).
  2. Apparently, the enzymes contained in pineapple fruit have a fast debridement (an experiment was carried out on rats that suffered burns).
  3. Provision of 0.2 ml of young pineapple extract in pregnant mice can kill mice embryos if given at 2 to 4 days of gestation. If given at 6 days of gestation, pregnancy continues and can give birth normally.



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