North Aceh Paper Flowers

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Paper flowers (in English called Zinnia Flower, youth and old age flower) are in the form of small shrubs, originating from Mexico, Central America and South America. This flower is very thin and rigid similar to paper sheets. Paper flowers consist of 20 types of plants. This flower is a seasonal, shrub, and sub-shrub native to North America with one species extending to South America.

Various Paper Flowers

  1. Curved Paper Flowers (zinnia Angustifolia), the word Angustifolia comes from the Latin word which means curved or curved, in accordance with the curved shape of the leaves Morphology of flowers: Curved paper flowers in the form of bushes, green stems, at the top with hair, 0 , 2 - 0.7 m. sitting on the stem, oval shaped somewhat lanceolate and green, Leaves slightly curved, the edges are slightly stiff and thin, the size is 8x3 cm and the small ones 2x0.5 cm, the flowers come out from the end of the branch, Compound flowers, round shape, diameter 3-5 cm is composed of several leaves of yellowish white, or orange. Self-pollination or assisted by wind and insects, dried flower cobs contain lots of seeds, Propagation of curved paper flowers is done by seeding, the benefits of flowers This type is as an ornamental plant, cut flowers.

2. Beautiful Paper Flowers (Zinnia Elegans), the word Elegans comes from Latin which means graceful or beautiful because the flower of plants from Mexico is the most beautiful compared to other paper flowers. flower: This flower stem grows upright, many branches, green and there is a brown line on the base overgrown with fine white hair, and measuring 0.3-1 meters high, as well as the diameter of a pencil, green leaves, oval shaped with taper tip, Leaves not stemmed so that the base of the leaf is attached directly to the stem, the leaf is rough, the leaves are 7.5 x 3 cm in size and the small ones are 4.5 x 2 cm, beautiful paper flowers come out at the end of the stem, in the form of compound flowers, shaped round, with a composition of crown leaves resting in a circle, the flower crown is pink, reddish purple orange, yellow, red, and white, compound flowers measuring 4-6 cm, located in a bulb. Each base of the crown leaves is the ovule, the crown leaves are thin, oval and paper-like, yellow stamens, two blades or open four-splitting blades, yellow pollen, pistil located under the anthers, flower pollination beautiful paper assisted by wind and insects, dried fruit, also called longkah fruit. Propagation is done by seed seeding. This beautiful paper flower is used as an ornamental plant or cut flower.

3.Line Paper Flowers (Zinna Linearis), The word linearis comes from Latin which means line, according to the leaves in the form of lines. Morphology of this flower** Line paper flowers in the form of shrubs, stems erect and thin, branched in large numbers, and 0.2-0.6 meters in height, leaves are striped, the tip is taper measuring 6 x 0.5 cm and a small 1 x 0.1 cm, Flowers come out from the end of the stem or branching ends, Compound flowers are found in cob, double-shelled, Flowers are round with orange crowns and the ends of the leaves of the crown leaves are fighting. Plant propagation is done by seed seeding. [1] The benefits of line paper flowers are useful for ornamental plants.

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