Improve your writing with these two tools and get spotted by curators.

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I have never cared too much for grammar. It's rather odd for a well-educated person to put so little effort into their writing, but that’s how it’s been for me. "I’m mathy" was always my excuse. But that is all about to change.  Newsteem is here.

After reviewing posts on The Excel Club I noticed a lot of posts with a poor score on grammar. Being so big on SEO lately, this can be damaging for rankings and I needed to make some changes. Much of my content is evergreen and I can share it many times across social. Improving the grammar could help with page rankings when I repromote this content. 

With the recent changes on steem, it's time I put a little more effort into my writing here too. Maybe we all should? Curators are going to want to find great content. And great content, will convey the message and be well written. Lazy writing won’t cut it anymore. And to be honest, I'm glad. 

I now use two tools when writing posts for my blog. Hemingway editor and Grammarly. Both tools are good as they both seem to catch different things.  And I thought I would share these tools with you.  If we want to improve our chances of being curated, it could be worth that little extra effort.

Hemingway Editor

The first tool I use is Hemingway Editor. It’s a free online editor that helps you write as you go. Check out the screenshot below and see how this article was looking as I wrote it.


Hemingway also scores the post with a readability score. And there is a nice little color key summarizing the highlighted part of the writing.



The second tool is Grammarly. A browser extension is available so it will help you write posts online. It works with when writing in the HTML editor. It doesn’t seem to work for me in the plain text editor. This seems to pick up on punctuation, missing hyphens and such that Hemmingway does not pick up on. It's like my final checker when I paste the article from Hemingway.


So there you have it, the two tools I am using to improve my writing.  It will benefit me to do this on steem and it might even benefit you.  

Happy Sundays - Steem on - and if you will share!

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this can be damaging for rankings and I needed to make some change.


If we want to improve our chances of being curate


Overall, a noticeable improvement here :P


Do you what what I would like to say????

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Screw you? :D


that's an amazing mind reading capability you have there Asher


Nice share, thank you very much

{ Improve your writing with these two tools and get spotted by curators }

full stop at the end of curators lol


Wouldn't you know I didn't check the title. 😁

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SECURITY WARNING: I'm not sure about the other one, but Grammarly streams your keyboard input to the cloud. The security focused should keep this in mind if they are doing sensitive activities such as managing crypto wallets, etc.

They also suffered from at least one security breach in the past.

Thanks for sharing these tools. Didn’t know them till you mentioned them, gonna try them for a new post. My grammar can still use a lot of improvement😅

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You are most welcome

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I've heard of Grammarly but always forget to use it when I write, now I've got two to try out. It will definitely help with my spelling. Thanks.


you should try hemingway, it's really good

I has been using grammarly for long. It are a good tool, but the red lines is not very nice to see. I happy then when I post, red lines go bye bye.


Grammarly seems popular here on steem

Great tips! I especially love the phrase “Much of my content is evergreen” - it well expresses what am striving for with my posts and those I upvote.

I have been using OneNote to create my posts, but it doesn’t cut and paste well. I’ll give the tools you have suggested a try. :)


Evergreen content is the way to go. I don't focus too much on evergreen here on my personal steem account, but for my brand, well it works well :-)

Grammarly works well if it is pro version, but too costly to afford. I've never tried Hemingway. Will try it hereafter.


I just use the free version and using it with hemingway, I think I catch most stuff!

Great tips @paulag. Grammarly is one of the more know and recommend tools but the editor is a new reference, at least for me. I have already saved here and I will give it a try later. Thanks for sharing! :)

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I used grammarly once while writing for official magazine and it is great tool to keep a check on the content.....


I dont think I should post anything without using it lol


I thought your grammar is far better than Grammarly 😉

I've been using Grammarly for awhile, but I've been looking for something like Hemingway, thanks.


Hemingway rocks. I'm glad you found this post useful :-)

For someone like me that is not a native speaker, this will help a lot in those little doubts! Thank you for sharing!


you are most welcome, and they are free to use tools so we might as well take advantage


Oh yeah, free is even better! :) Thank you!

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awesome, cool, thank you

Been using Hemingway for all my posts. It's a good tool.


100%, it's great. I should have been using it a long time ago :-)