Who created the most new Steem accounts since HF20?

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Since the latest hard fork on September 25, it is much easier for Steem DApps and other Steem users to create new Steem accounts on the blockchain. The list below shows how many accounts were created by each account since HF20. For example, @steemmonsters created 164 new Steem accounts since then.

Total new accounts: 11,004.
About 90% of all new accounts are still created by @steem.

Here's the full list:

AccountAccounts created

From now on, I will add a list of the accounts who created the most Steem accounts on the previous day to my 'Daily Steem Stats report'.

5. New accounts created since Hard Fork 20 (September 25)

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We mice have big families Mr Penguin.


Good info. Is it easy to also collect and show how many accounts have been claimed? I know there are a lot of people that have been claiming accounts, but storing them up to use later.


Good question. I wanted to know this as well, but unfortunately I don't have this data.

Nice. I've created accounts for people in the past (I'm not sure how many, but basically whenever someone wanted an account at our meetups and also for the SIN conference). I haven't done any since HF20, but I do plan to keep doing it. Now that it only costs RC's, hopefully more people will start to create accounts for friends and their application users, but it will take time.


How can an account be created without STEEM?
I read that they intend to make it possible, and I also read that it costs too much RCs.
And how did you create them with STEEM?
I know about a way to do it, but it uses steemconnect, and costs STEEM.


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It's possible now (hard fork 20 was a few weeks ago) for users with sufficient SP.


I used to use steeminvite.com, which just makes the process easier. Ultimately you use the command line create_account, whether you do that with your own node or by using the web interface provided by SteemConnect.



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Hey, @penguinpablo.

When you say that dapps can signup users easier post HF 20, you're referring to the fact that there's a means to do it, right? The dapp still has to have enough RCs to do anything, and since account claiming is the most 'expensive' transaction on STEEM, even Steemit Inc has not been creating accounts in 'floodgate' abundance, from what I can tell anyway. Numbers so far are better than they were previous, but not that much different than what they were when I signed up. Certainly not in the multiples of tens of thousands range yet, or whatever floodgate numbers would be.


Creating 'free' Steem accounts is indeed quite costly in terms of RCs. So 'free' is actualy not fully free. Accounts with large amounts of SP can freely create a couple of new accounts per day, but not in the hundreds. Maybe this will improve if people can delegate RCs to other accounts.

Very interesting data ! Thank you for sharing it with us.
We need more dapps like Steem Monsters. Are you playing @penguinpablo ? :)

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Im expexting am explosion in account creation soon and then a gradual decrease, kinda like bitcoins cycle of price increase but in users.

Very interesting. Nice to see you mixing the analysis up!

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Looks like a lot of people are trying it out, but I've heard it really drains your account to do so. I'll have to try this some time.

so this is the number CREATED
But not the number of TOKENS CLAIMED

... just goes to show steemit is still doing the best at onboarding
But @steempeak is working on it soon.

Do we have info on who's claimed the most tokens?

woot! Go steem monsters!

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I really like this new feature! As a person who despite being actively engage around the ecosystem stilk has spare RC, I claimed one last week. Don’t know what I will do with it but hope to one day bring someone into the community! Unfortunately, the cost of claiming accounts now exceeds my available RCs so that will not be happening for now...

Interesting. Why isnt @dtube on the list?

Hi penguinpablo,
Thank you the information on steem account creation - very interesting.
Could you tell me how the HF20 effected voting in terms of when is the best time to vote? I have heard the first 15 mins now go's straight to the reward pool? Decreasing until 15 mins? So is it best to receive votes from 15-30 mins?

Basically when is the best time to vote for personal gain?
And when is the best time to vote to increase reward to the actual poster you are voting for?

HUGE thanks for your incredible work on steemit :D

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Stop voting for anything before 15 minutes - all that money goes back where it came from - not to you and not to who you voted for. I'm not sure of the "best" time after that. I used to vote for most people at 27 minutes through steemdunk and will be changing all of those to 16 minutes next time I go in. I'm noticing a lot of votes ahead of me now with my 27 minute vote. Do not vote for comments before 15 minutes either since they are treated like posts.


Hi Sharon
I was hoping for some concrete figures from penguin P on this matter. I have taken on board not to vote before 15 mins ... although I would love to understand the reasoning behind this change also. Thank your for help as always :D

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If you vote immediately (in the first second) 100% of the curation reward of your vote goes straight to the reward pool. If you vote after 10 minutes, only 1/3 goes to the reward pool and 2/3 is your curation reward. If you want to receive the full curation reward you have to wait at least 15 minutes before voting on a post.

I usually wait until the 15 minutes have passed before I vote.


Thank you Penguinpablo!
Do you know what the idea behind this is? It seems strange to make only noobs (who do not understand) and possibly charitable whales the only people to vote in the first 15 minutes! What does this achieve do you know? The previous half hr rule with curation rules made some sense but this i do not understand!

Also (for further complication!) what happens in the second 15 minute period now? :D

Thanks again!


The change was made to make self voting less attractive. If whales vote on their own post they now receive only 75% of the value of the vote. 25% of the value of the vote goes to the curators or to the reward pool if the voter votes within the 15-minute timeframe.

what happens in the second 15 minute period now?

There is no second 15 minute period. Either one votes within the first 15 minutes or after 15 minutes. This was 30 minutes before HF20, but there is now no 30-minute timeframe anymore.