Steem Outreach Program #5 : Social Media

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I read a post today from @niallon11 that reminded me that an important element was still missing from the Steem Outreach Program posts I have been writing.

That is Social Media.

I hadn't covered it yet not because I don't think it is an important part of an outreach program, but more because I don't have great expertise in social media, and also because I am not sure how far I should be taking this Steem Outreach Program development.

Reading Niall's post reminded me that social media can, and should be, a vital part of any outreach and promotional push for Steem.

How should we handle Social Media for Steem

As with all parts of a promotional program for Steem the key questions are the who, what, when, where and how much.

The starting point most will look to is of course Steemit Inc.

But as we know they have limited resources, and more importantly the Steem blockchain is ours, the community's, just as much as it is their's.

It is up to all of us, that want to see Steem prosper, to pick up the baton and play our part.

I have done social media work for clients in the past and I do know it takes time. To do it well and effectively takes a lot of time - and a certain amount of skill and coordination.

I am sure amongst the community we have the skills, resources and access to most social media, in most languages to potentially deliver a concerted message to raise more awareness of the Steem platform and all it offers.

There is of course a considerable amount of social media activity already coming out of Steem both from individuals and from the various apps and dapps. People like @theycallmedan and @stephenkendal, and apps like @threespeak and @steemmonsters, are particularly active on Twitter.

Steemit Inc also has some active presence on Twitter and Facebook as discussed in Niall's post.

Could some form of coordination and strategy support and build on these existing activities, to deliver a more powerful and effective profile for Steem across all social media?

A Steem Community Social Media Team?

Should we be looking for volunteers to join a Steem Community Social Media Team?

It would be voluntary - at least in the first instance. But it could be grown into something more 'professional' with funding from the Steem Proposal System.

SPS funding would be great, but could also take considerable time to bring about.

To kickstart this, lets see who would be interested?

Maybe start with a comment below if you would like to get involved. Mention what social media you are active on, what sort of reach/followers you have, and what languages you use.

If there is sufficient interest a team could be set up.

From there we could liaise with Steemit Inc, and also the leaders of the various dapps, apps and tribes to pick up on what and how they are promoting themselves on social media.

Maybe we could tie this in with the daily Steem News I put out in some way as well?

This might all seem rather 'centralised' for Steem but conventionally in the big wide world the next step would be to draw up a Social Media Plan and Activity Calendar...

I think I should stop there.

It is 4am and I can see too many carts and not enough horses.

Tell me what you think - in the comments below, or by DM on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

@niallon - does this look like it could head in the right direction?

Beneficiaries - 20% of the post rewards will go to @niallon11 for reminding me about the importance of social media. Thank you.

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Social media presence is definitely important and should be something we should be doing more of I think. There are people already quite active on Twitter promoting Steem, or their own work (and indirectly promoting Steem). I think there are more crypto people active on Twitter than anywhere else (besides here of course) while on Facebook we seem to hit a wall.
But yeah, definitely something to think about.
Thanks for bringing this up @pennsif

@tipu curate


good comment


Yes definitely. Twitter seems to be a good target. Although I am not totally sure how good the conversions have been so far from Twitter promotion of Steem...

Yes this is exactly what I was talking about and why i was hoping you would read it as you have the reach on STEEM to get things moving.

It would be great to have a group of people running STEEM accounts with a constant and co-ordinated effort across a few of the major media's. Lot's of people are making huge efforts to showcase STEEM on other sites but what we need is a focal point on each of them showing the news from STEEM (yours included) and the best from our users. Showcasing development and quality content would definitely bring more eyes onto all of the great apps and front ends that we have on the chain.

I would love to see it happening through the official Steemit accounts on facebook and twitter as they have already built up a following over the past 3 years that can be piggy backed on. If they were willing we could get those accounts active daily and generate some excitment.


Hopefully this can be picked up on in some more consistent way...

The concept won't work if based only on voluntarism. Funding will be needed.

But I really like the idea, I even think we can involve Steemit Inc by offering them a much cheaper alternative. SPS could be a solution, but it requires some preparation, as you mentioned.

Anyway, I'm in.


Yes it will definitely work better some realistic funding and a dash of coordination.

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If there was a way to incentivize more people to share their Steem posts on social media that might have a nice effect too. It would bring in more traffic and make some of those people curious about what is exactly going on here potentially leading them to get involved. Maybe somehow make a token that incentivizes people bringing in outside traffic? Not sure how possible that is, but could be an idea?

Imo, it doesn't seem like the content here gets shared too much with the outside world.


Sharing content on other social media would definitely be good.

A token could be a good way to go if a way of giving it value could be found.

A tool to do the reverse of @share2steem would make the process simplified for those like myself whom would do their part by simply adding to the social media presence.

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I have never used them, but has social share buttons at the bottom of each post.