The State of Steem Forums - Should we have a Grand Finale?


When I first came up with the idea of the State of Steem Forums back in early December I really had no idea how they would go.

They were a product of the forum type radio shows I had been developing and of the rather dark mood that was spreading across Steem at the time.

The STEEM price had been falling, the redundancies had been announced, developments had taken place and morale across the platform was at a very low point.

The Forums were the only way I could think of to make a positive contribution to Steem.

When the first forum took place on 13 December I was amazed and overwhelmed by how many people, both guests and audience, turned up. Rays of positivity began to shine through.

Now, two months on we are reaching the final scheduled SOS Forum #7 on Thursday covering Steem Commerce.

So how do we wrap this up?

A lot has changed in these past two months on Steem - the Steem Alliance, the Worker Proposal System, Hivemind has gone live, RocksDB is almost here, Steemit Inc have a new Managing Director...

I had originally thought of finishing the forums on 14 February - Valentines Day - with a big huggy, friendly, farewell to the forums party.

But, if there is interest in a 'grand finale', where do we go from here forum next week I think it needs a bit more structure.

Luckily, here's 12 I made earlier...

Over the past week I have put out a couple of posts about 'The Big Dozen' ( Part 1 / Part 2 ).

From what I have learnt from the SoS Forums, and from compiling the SoS Daily News, I pulled together a list of the 12 indicator projects that for me will demonstrate the State of Steem in 2019.

These would make a great structure for the final, grand finale forum...

  • 1. Hivemind

  • 2. RocksDB

  • 3. Smart Media Tokens

  • 4. Communities

  • 5. The Steem Alliance & The Steem Foundation

  • 6. Steem Worker Proposal System

  • 7. Advertising

  • 8. SteemOnboarding

  • 9. Steem Business Alliance

  • 10. DApps & Apps

  • 11. Exchanges

  • 12. Direct Fiat / Steem Conversion

For each project we could in the forum catch up with latest progress, future timelines, difficulties and roadblocks, resources required etc etc.

We would need to get the key players to participate for each project.

It may be too much to cover all 12 projects in one forum, so I am thinking we might need a Grand Finale Part 1 and Part 2. The first on 14 February and the second on 21 February.

Feedback Required

Before I go any further with planning these one or two final forums I would like some honest feedback...

  • 1. Do you think having some form of final 'where do we go from here' forum(s) is a good idea, or is everyone bored with them now?

  • 2. If you feel having the final forum(s) is worthwhile do you think structuring them around the 12 'indicator projects' would be a good plan?

  • 3. If yes to the first two questions, do you think it should all be squeezed into one 3 hour forum or do you think it would be better to spread over two shorter forums?

  • 4. Who particularly do you think should be invited to speak to each of the 12 projects?

I would be very grateful if you have the time to answer these questions.

And if you have any other thoughts or comments about the SoS Forums feel free to add those in the comments as well.

Finally if you are able to resteem this post so we can gather as much community feedback as possible that would be great. Do let me know in the comments if you do. Thank you.

[ graphic from @pennsif ]

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Well. I for one hate to see them end at all. But if end they must, I think there should be two grand finales. One to cover the un covered topics and one to tie it all together.

I know it's not conducive to regularly scheduled radio, but I'm thinking one per month would be just great. Just an idea.


Thanks for the feedback @bigtom13.

Where the forums go next will depend on interest levels from the community...

Great work you have done with the SOS-forums @pennsif. Definitely, it would be worthwhile setting up something like a grand finale. I'd suggest to do so in two parts as well:

Part I This could be the finale, pulling everything together, drawing the big picture and identifying the biggest challenges for 2019.

Part II could be a kick-off, discussing how to best tackle these big challenges.

How to do this, without getting lost in all the details of 12 + x projects? I'd suggest working with three superior topics as a framework:


Personally I’m convinced that some of the challenges will only be visible if you pull everything together in such a way. Here's an example.

One major challenge seems to be answering the question: What makes Steem special?

Look at the video contest done by @surfermarly: the messages are really different. Content for money! Feel welcome wherever you are! Steem is uncensored!
Compare this to the marketing suggestion of the READ! VOTE! RESTEEM! Action: Focus on community not rewards!

If there is meant to be a joint message, this would have consequences for the foci in technology, governance and the way Steem is presented to the outside world.

BTW: Using this structure all the twelve projects plus two more could be covered:

Technology could cover Hivemind, RocksDB, Tokens, DApps and the backend of communities

Governance Structure could cover Steem Alliance/Foundation, Worker Proposal, Steem Business Alliance, Communities plus no 13 strategy building (structure to be developed)

Steem and the outside world could cover Onboarding, Advertising, Marketing (no 14), Conversion FIAT/Steem and Exchanges.


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Very useful information brother

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Agree it would be good to get the Steem Alliance on the show just to give an update and answer some questions on what they are doing. Maybe it will be a good way to help them give clarity to everything and for the community to give some input to help give them some direction as well.

First, thanks for putting these on I find them really helpful.

  1. Do you think having some form of final 'where do we go from here' forum(s) is a good idea, or is everyone bored with them now?

I think it would be a good way to tie this all up in a nice bow. It would great to hear what people think is next for Steem.

  1. If you feel having the final forum(s) is worthwhile do you think structuring them around the 12 'indicator projects' would be a good plan?

Yes! it would be good to lay out the 12 'indicators projects' going into the new year and beyond. Like you said, might be to much to cover in one forum so I'd suggest over two big forums.

  1. If yes to the first two questions, do you think it should all be squeezed into one 3 hour forum or do you think it would be better to spread over two shorter forums?

As mentioned above I'd say squeezed into two shorter forums. Maybe, 2 hours a piece?

  1. Who particularly do you think should be invited to speak to each of the 12 projects?

Not sure which people ,but I bet it wouldn't be hard to put a request out there for people to volunteer to the topics. Just an idea.

Thanks again for all the hard work and putting these together!

Steemit needs something urgent. I do not know if you could be the propeller or the engine of that. To generate a current of change.

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If there is no serious reform in these aspects. Steemit as a blog platform. This derivative to failure.

I'm sorry for my horrible English. It is a pity that I can not defend these ideas, as I would like to do because of the language, and it's a pity that my opinion does not matter to anyone, but this is my serious thought for months now.

I know. That everything I talk about is just a global vision. And I'm sorry, for focusing it like that.

Congratulations for the forum. I hope that a real forum of this initiative will be born.


I think a final forum with the Steem Alliance providing an update on their thoughts going forward and how they plan to work with Steemit Inc on community building. Thanks for setting these up as I think they have been the main source of activity for progress in the last couple of weeks!

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See you there 💯🐒

The 12 projects seem like great indicators and I believe two final forums to cover their current states and future plans more briefly would help. Probably not in order, but in a way that projects that need more time to cover are combined with others that need less time (depends on the feedback you'll receive too).

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