Thinking Out Loud #3 - 200 editions of Steem News, a Ten Month Plan for Steem & Regional Leaders


Another Saturday night and it's time to think out loud.

A big week for Steem with good points and bad points.

But whatever the weather we've just got to keep moving forward.

Only three weeks now to SteemFest so I'm looking forward to the positive vibes that should be coming out of there...

1. Two hundred editions of Steem News

Today I posted the 200th edition of the daily Steem News.

I began it last December in an attempt to keep on top of what was going on, or not going on, on the platform.

After the 70% redundancies at Steemit Inc the mood was low and Steem was in a dark place.

Alongside the State of Steem Forums that I began hosting on MSP around the same time I hoped the news posts could help shine some light on any positive moves that were being made to bring the community together.

I do think the forums and the Steem News played some small part in helping move things forward.

The daily posts had to take a break for a couple of months in the early summer because of family issues but I was happy to pick it up again in mid August.

Running these daily posts is a major commitment. To scan several hundred posts, read through in detail 30 or 40, select the most important ten and then research and compile the post takes at least 4 hours a day, every day.

It is time well spent, and I do actually feel it is a privilege to gain such a deep knowledge and understanding of what is happening on this great Steem platform.

But as well as being a privilege running the Steem News does impose upon me a certain responsibility, or even burden, to act upon what I learn.

Every day checking all the statistics and reading so many posts allows me to take the pulse of Steem with a fairly acute degree of accuracy.

Right now it saddens me to say but I feel it is weakening...

2. A Ten Month Plan

...but I still do feel that pulse can be revived and strengthened again.

With the right nourishment and some magic potions I believe Steem can begin to grow once more.

In last Saturday's 'Thinking Out Loud' I talked about a Ten Year Vision for Steem.

But as @steevc pointed out ten years is an eternity in the crypto world.

Instead we need to focus much more on the here and now and make a Ten Month Plan for Steem.

With the imminent arrival finally of SMTs and Hive Communities the next 10 months or so are going to be pivotal for Steem.

To make the most of these opportunities the Steem Community is going to need to come together with a vision and common purpose not seen before.

We need to make a plan with achievable goals and targets, find the resources needed and go for it...

3. Regional Leaders

Having a plan is one thing, deciding on the who, what, when, why and how is the tricky part.

We should not just be looking to Steemit Inc to steer the ship. They will be doing their part by coding up SMTs and Hive Communities.

It will be up to us, the Community, to pick up the ball and run with it.

The Steem Proposal System now exists to provide some financial enablement.

The Steem Foundation is still in an embryonic form but will hopefully emerge fully fledged in the not too distant future.

In the meantime individuals within the Community should be given the opportunity to step up and push forward with their own ideas and initiatives to help Steem grow.

It is in this spirit that I have been posting about a Steem Outreach Program including Steem Ambassadors and a network of Regional Leaders.

The Ambassadors program of sending people to present Steem at crypto events will need greater resources than I have to hand.

So in the meantime I am keen to press ahead with the Regional Leaders project to develop a team of people who can promote Steem at a more local level around the world...

I was hoping for a rather stronger response to this invitation but I am delighted that @chrisrice in the Philippines is the first person to formally apply.

If anyone else, anywhere in the world, would be interested in taking on a local or regional role to promote Steem do please contact me.

That's it for this week's 'Thinking Out Loud'.

These are just my thoughts on a page of where we are and where we should be heading.

Now we need to find the right path and press ahead with conviction and compulsion.

As always I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

If you want to catch me on air I will be doing another episode of on Monday, 8pm UTC on MSP. This one will be a 'special edition' with @elipowell and @roadscape from Steemit Inc talking about the forthcoming Hive Communities...

Thank you for reading and good night.

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I support @chrisrice on his application. It has been many moons now that the Philippiine based steemians are too scattered to be organized. And still many just leaved without a word. We will again attempt to organize Pinoy steemians, with goals to further promote Steem and all its opportunities to Filipinos.

I could do my part here in Phoenix, Arizona to really help spread the word and bring more awareness, more specifically by bringing more people into the Steem Cannabis community. I have been talking to a lot of people who are in the scene and getting them set up with new accounts recently.

I also own @hotsauceislethal and run the @canna-collective account.

Working with @jonyoudyer to think of ideas to bring more people into the platform and I have already been slowly accumulating account claim tickets on Steemworld. The only problem with those is that they don't come with any STEEM or SP so you will either have to send them some or delegate enough so they can perform routine tasks such as commenting or posting.

My biggest hurdle with trying to bring new users onto Steemit is the complexity and the intensity of the ideas. Many people simply don't wanna spend more time learning how to do something new and would rather stick to the same old social media sites. The best way to explain it to people is that they can get paid for doing what they already do on social media sites like Instagram, Youtube, etc.

But yes I agree we need to actively work towards our goals instead of sitting by passively thinking someone else will just do it. When we have that kind of mentality then NOBODY does anything and then we all sit here pointing the finger of blame.

I always say "If you want to see a change you have to be the change."

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