Watch Steem be built by our community!

3년 전

Build Video

Below is the gource video showing Steemd being programmed by many people all around the world.

Thank you to the 30 people who are featured in this video, but also thank you to the hundreds of you who have helped other parts of the Steem ecosystem. What you see above is different modules being worked on. Separate partitions of the code being "saved" or as it's called in git "commited."

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Awesome, this information give me more about steemit
Thanks for sharing


You're so welcome


Hehe 😀😀👍

Looks amazing and very fascinating to watch thanks for sharing :)

This is awesome
you even got the icons of who's who in there
and in the end it looks like ya all finished!! Great job!


I was about to say the same. Those video look awesome!

I remember seeing something like this for bitcoin years ago. I find it fascinating and very beautiful. I wish i knew more about programming...
Upvoted, resteemed and followed!

Thanks for great post! Cheers, from @thedamus

That's incredible @picokernel, thanks for sharing this visual on how it's build. I'm really getting into the whole idea behind steemit. It's the most innovative social media I've seen since facebook was made 😃 -Upvoted for sure 🙌


Thank you slywest. I agree Steem is very innovative and hopefully soon the world will know about it :)


ok sorry but u did that mm wrong
this mme is for Aliens only, and u , u butchered sad..poor meme, poor Giorgio Tsoukalos

That's pretty cool. Glad to be a part of the video :)

Stunning! Thank you!

This is super cool! I've never seen anything like this before

WOW! This is SO impressive. Simulation is awesome! Well done.

Did not really understand all the meanings of all the actions but the animation is really cool! Thanks for sharing :)

I had never heard of Gource before. I'm going to run it against my team's Git project and show them. :-) Thanks!

What a great visualization, very satisfying to watch. Even as someone with very limited programming experience, I got a sense of which blocks and sections were crucial or fundamental, and somewhat of an idea about how it all related.

Thats fun video to watch.. Great blog post! Upvoted.

This ecosystem is going to be huuuuge! Great stuff Nate. So proud of you man!

Amazing to watch

Your post is very good I really like the post that you share this is very amazing I am very amazed because it is interesting to see hopefully with this post get the achievement as you expect, I also have a post about the kenirik interest and the benefits that I post was easy You want to uptove and follow me and share it and certainly very grateful to you, in helping me hope you always succeed in steemit

very nice post..cheers!

good posting

Amazing visualization


This community is great! i'm proud to be one!

  ·  3년 전

Love it, maybe some sound effects fornthe next one :) Time for myself to start contributing code!

This is simply amazing.

wow this is awesome... Id like to see these visualizations in other industry's too... so cool..

One up-vote, post, joining member, re-steem, and comment at a time.......... enjoy steeming through the journey my friends!

Upvoted and also resteemed :]

Cool it looks like a video game, that might make a cool game.

It's awesome to see that data being created from a vantage point.


what is that?? in the center left?? what teh hell is ythat Dan or Ned or something? i wish this image was bogger so i could actually read it! I can only guss whats going on and iof thats stylized star duts or actual users in between the dots?

Wow this is incredible. Thanks for sharing this. Awesome way to visualize this being programmed. Love how steemd is getting more and more user friendly every day. Big shout out for the new visualization on voting power and bandwidth remaining.

A job well done for sure !!

nice visualization looking amazing thanks for sharing

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Hi, pretty amazing video thanks for sharing. I have 1 question, how did you add that upper left banner for languages or file extensions?

WTF there is a Software Version Control Visualization???

I knew about this weird steemit code vsiualizer and i found this one hre

the code hub ones arent working anymore the 3d visualization onesm but wow thiis so cool, and @fyrstikken 's video REALY made your vsoiulization into lieka MOVIE

I have so many questions about how these visualization programs work much less the actual code
VERY godo work U NEED TO POST MORE man!

I just watched again...glorious!