"The Democratik Republik Of Steem 2020" 50/50 ¿Exclusive or Excluding?


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Yeah! I suspect that everyone in our steeminated 'economic' ecosystem are gonna need soon an infallible stabilizing device for their highly esteemed selfies machine, adventurous camcorders, old ENG/EFP 'mobile' gadgets and whatnot. All in order to record, store and imprint audiovisually all the new experiences of the on the way upcoming HF21+SPS+EIP.

Experiences which will have to be registered & stored in both reservoirs. Between the slits of our memory in the bowels of our own baffling and embroiled brain and also on the immutable and lifelong steem blockchain.

Maybe, through some type of Steady Feathers Steadicam of sorts or in the best case, thru an organic and without automatisms simple Galluscam.

Everything in the name and on behalf of broadcasting Stake and Vests algorithms-lessly in a live and direct transmission via satellite layout.

Hence, with all of you next:

¡Lizzy for... Curators!

Yeah! hunt, search, find, record, store, process & reward content Manually and Organically.

¿What else you would expect for maximum satisfaction?

¿What else for maximal steem prices stability?

¿What else for supreme onboarding tactics?

¿What else for superlative users retention?

¿What else better for newer investments?

Oh yeah! my dear 'curators'. Of course that you might well need to invest some more dought & do$h in full-blown better lenses and topmost nifty high-tech zoom doodads to truly be able to find value worth to reward in your ageless rampant automated 'curation' quest and unstoppably tireless algorithmic endeavors.

But above all, I bet you'll need those Viral Glasses to see things through the same optics of my own EYES. Since from a 'marketing' standpoint, I have no doubt we prolly are watching things in a slightly singular daltonic tone.

Thus, in view of the recent proliferation and booming of so many new tiny 'trybes', clans, clubs, hoards, mobs & gangs flourishing everywhere out there upon and throughout the now 'splintered' steem blockchain. What I can assure you, my substantially opulent SP 'CURATORS'

Is the fact that from now on, your 'curation' job is gonna get way harder to cash in that 50% of our sweet sweat. Unless you follow suit my advice and jump asap into the more vividly manual & organic curation bandwagon.

Because right now, you don't and won't have to go or look too far to find out, that many, many peps here, are already digging their very own rewards pool alone and in solitary spiritual thrust from the scratch. To finally build the binding promised Utopia as it should have worked from the beginning without have been contaminated with as much and such automated algorithmic greed for so long.

¡Get your things straight folks!

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