Steem needs people!

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This night I been seeing the live speach of Steemit Inc. in SteemFest in Bangkok.


One thing I liked to eard was the focus on Steem as social network instead of a cryptocurrency.
Is not the first time I say and is not new for those who follow me that I'm a bigger fan of social networks, and just after of cryptocurrency.
And this is why I think Steem can be (no is not yet) the best of two worlds. And I'm glad about Steemit Inc. focus on social network because I think Steem needs people! After people the investors will notice us, after people everyone want to be part of, after people no one want to be excluded.

What can bring people?

  • Simplicity
  • Marketing
  • Communities (SMT are in the next corner)
  • Light Blogging

I want to focus and explain "Light Blogging".

As we know censorship exists on Steem and those who said no live in a parallel world 😉.
This Steem censorship must be concerned to plage, spam, hate speach and hack. And not in "Light Blogging"!

What I propose is no censorship to Light Blogging! We must to learn with the biggest, Instagram success have to be with "post one photo", Twiter success have to be with "short sentences".

Why should we on Steem censorship Light Blogging if we want to attract more people?

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I agree with you about light blogging...

  ·  작년

👍 time is short to long testaments 😉