Why memes are important for Steem

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Often, memes are seen as a funny image or video, that you kinda go "heh, that's funny" and then just move on.

But memes are so much more. Like I said in my introduction post, they really make a difference. Just take a look at Stefan Karl's Year of Healing, hugely backed due to the popularity of the "We Are Number One" memes.

Memes are also great marketing. Wendy's is a business that recognised this: they starting making their twitter account appeal more to the meme community. They did it right, and the meme community dutifully screenshotted, retweeted, and spread the brand further and further.

I think that Steem too can use the power of the meme. But I don't think that what we see right now is good enough. They're old, lazily made memes that no-one really finds funny anymore. Comparing the Meme tag on Steemit to, say, /r/memes on reddit shows a huge difference. And people also see memes on here more as a business investment, not something they genuinely care about. For example, this meme was voted to over $25. It's not even Original Content (OC), I've seen this meme in various formats many times. It must be at least 5 years old now. Another meme was bid-botted to well over $100.

We need more reddit-style memes on Steemit. We need to appeal to the real, human market, not the fictitious, business-and-theory market. Memes are not a serious investment, they are something you make for fun. And where good memes are, good people and good connections follow.

That's why I'm here. I want to create, curate and promote the best memes. I'm no robot, I don't blindly upvote anything - I'll upvote memes and content that is genuinely good quality. At the moment, I have merely 15 SP, not much to make a difference, but I hope that in future I can really affect the decisions that people make when they post a meme to Steem.

If you want me to be more likely to see and vote your post up, just add the tag "qualitymeme", I'll make sure to check it as much as possible.

Votes on this post are 100% devoted to powering up this account to make it more powerful and promote quality memes. Steem donations and delegations are also welcome and will also go towards promoting memes. Thanks! <3

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Good initiative! Think we can work together to really improve the meme ecosystem.

I often run downvote campaigns against any 4chan or Reddit ripoffs artists I find but could use help curating the good original memes.

Join us at the @steemflagrewards Discord if interested. Link is any of the bot comments. The meme moderation aspect of it is called @smartmeme.

P.S. we gotta get you a logo!


Thank you! I'd love all the help I can get. I have other ideas for getting more quality memes, but they're all floating haphazardly around my head and I'll need to think about them a bit more before I get to that lol

I'm actually already at the SFR Discord - I'm @ictman1076 , or ICTman#5904 on Discord - but I hadn't heard of @smartmeme until now. I'll take a look :)

Thanks again for your help! :)

P.S. a logo isn't necessary but I wouldn't say no to it ;)

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