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Excuse me, I find this article outrageous. I'm a responsible voter. I have elected 30 witnesses and five of them are not under YOUR TOP 20, I know that and I have my reasons for NOT voting for them. To be honest, some witnesses will probably still be thrown off my list, because they behave communicatively like kindergarten kids who brought a few curse words from the gutter instead of talking, thinking and acting reasonably with each other.


100% agree with you. Your vote, your choice, and do not let others bully you into changing your vote. The ones you vote for that are not there may end up there while others may fall off the top of the ladder.


If you dont vote them in the future they might be nothing to vote anymore.

I'm glad that my list is useful <3

I have already given my 30 witness votes.


But you can temporarily change your votes, so we have a bigger chance to save Steem! :)


And others can change their votes to align with his choices and reorder the list. He has chosen, it is not our place to question a persons choices, you can just as easily temporarily change your votes and align with his choices and create not only a bigger chance to save Steem, but perhaps a better chance to improve Steem moving forward.

I did when that shit happend.😅


But you still have some missing votes! Remember that every vote counts! :)


Ohhhh... I got it😅


Whom I missed?


It's on the list :)

ausbitbank, aggroed, cervantes, drakos, therealwolf, followbtcnews, lukestokes.mhth, abit, ocd-witness

Thx for the heads up...missing votes filled

Indeed veryhelpful.

here, a small mistake, I gave everything, 30 votes, but I corrected a little. Sorry, guys, if I, from someone, took my voice, as they say, we work in a team, lol.


Good job on making this massive list, I still have 7 votes left, who else do you suggest for voting?

Dobra robota! mam nadzieję że to coś pomoże. Resteem

I like the new witnesses.

You slowly open the chest and discover Heavy Shield

This is all well and good, but perhaps these individuals have reasons for not supporting the ones you suggest. These types of list do not do much other than initiate witch hunts. People can vote how ever they wish, creating mass list of names of individuals that do not vote the way you want is no better than what Justin Sun is doing.

I have already seen a few comments and post of people say/asking do you know you are voting for a sock-puppet of Sun's. If the person wants to vote that way it is their choice.

We have seen a lot of post/comments about Sun's desire to HF a way out for his steem and for the exchanges. Prior to this fiasco there was talk of changing the withdrawal time frame from some of those very same witness that we are all voting on.

I seen demands of wanting guarantees from Sun and Tron/Steemit, yet I have not seen the same out cry for guarantees from the community in respect to the witnesses also not changing the withdrawal system. Look at steemitblog this particular post

So perhaps there are reasons that individuals do not wish to disclose as to why they may be voting for or not voting for certain individuals. I would urge everyone to not keep questioning people on their vote choices. I do not object to post where people ask in a respectful manner to vote a certain way, but using vitriolic speech in the post does not get a person very far. (and no, I am not talking about your post but of other post and comments). Civility can go a long way in resolving this. We, as a community will either evolve in to a civil union or we will disolve into the chaos of Main Steram Media giants like FB and YT screaming at each other with he said/she said crap content.


Sure, nobody forces anyone to do anything. Nothing special about this list - it is blockchain and all is transparent, I just brought it up.


Yes, but as you can see when two people you mentioned posted a comment they were still almost attacked about their choices. I still believe that post of this nature do nothing to help the issue, only divide the community further, and as I said cause witch hunts to begin.

30 votes were cast, his choice was made, yet he was still questioned about his choices.

Blocktrades suppprts a lower powerdown. So no vote for him.

Now I do it! I voted the firsd 20!

You're posting on 07/03 using data from 03/03?? Have a recheck and see that many-most people corrected their votes after the witness campaign started on 4th March.

Appreciate the spirit of concern which promoted you to do this, but the post itself MOST unhelpful and likely to create more irritation from the many who have already sorted their votes 2 days ago.

Currency is everything in the digital world.


I went back to double check and yes, there is ONE witness outside the original top 20 who has shifted ranks. I have corrected for both accounts.

Can I just suggest tho that you should NEVER write instruction manuals for a living? LOL. That was soooo confusing and easy to be mistaken for blaming people. But hugs to you for the spirit in which you have tried to help. Both of my accounts have been corrected - I bumped of my 30th vote to enable a vote for @therealwolf.


You're posting on 07/03 using data from 03/03?? - No, data is from the time the post was created (so it's 07/03 in your timezone, I guess). But the list only includes accounts that were active in March.


I've edited post to make it more clear, is it more understandable now?

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