Steem Knights - new Steem based game [stats]

4개월 전

Steem Knights is a brand new game that utilizes Steem blockchain. It was presented to players a few days ago, so the stats are not impressive. Mainly because the game is not in a final shape. Also, I didn't see much advertising. You can join here or visit to check the roadmap.

This game is a 3d game with multiplayer with wages. It looks like 3D chess with knights fighting each other. Game saves every move on the Steem blockchain.

That is why I decided to include it on my site to track its statistics:

It is obvious as for now, that this game has a low player base.

In the future, I'm gonna include more statistics on this site, with bet sizes, moves, and if possible - best winners, etc.

Will you play this game after the final version is published?

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I just tried it out, not sure how exactly it works but I won :)
Prefer chess though.

I like this game a lot.
It's easy to learn, hard to earn. And the reward is so clear!