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Tired of watching the steem price drop faster than Trump's hand when he sees a pussy grabbing opportunity?

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Want to see steem reach those tasty heights of $8 again?

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Mmnnnn... HF21 tastes so good, with #newsteem we're going to take this bitch to the moon 🚀

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This is my appeal to get @comedyopenmic running again! We need some fun, frolics and piss taking on the steem blockchain right now!

Plus... extra exclamation marks!!!!?!

All gifs used in this post were either created by me or ethically sourced from linked below gif.

STEEM TRUMP SAY: If you have enjoyed this satirical post, please check out my homepage @raj808 for similar content. Thank you.






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Not enough!!!!!!!! 🤘🕵😂 any recommendations for the ass burn? Asking for a friend

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Ha ha, it's best to get a chunk of wood to bite down on 🤣

Or a decent topical cream.... cause it's just gonna be a case of gritting our collective steem' teeth and feeling the burnout for a month or two while things realign... unless steem trump opens a can of whoop ass... in which case we're all fckd 😉👍

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Apart from the Steem price being a bummer, HF21 is really not what I'm anticipating but I do hope it increases the Steem price really. Lol I couldn't keep my lungs from bursting lol nice to have humor some time. That gif is hilarious
How did u get TrevonJb to vote for you, I think I need that support too.


Ha ha, glad you enjoyed the comedy Jose 🤣

How did u get TrevonJb to vote for you

I had to sell my soul and join a voting guild called backscratcher. TrevonJb has probably never read one of my posts, that vote is coming from a trail.

I'm only using them while I'm away from steem over the next 2 weeks as it makes sense as I'm going to schedule 10 days of my haiku to go out automatically while I'm in Yorkshire having a break from it all.

If you look at my resteems you'll see a post from backscratcher. The only thing is you have to follow their trail and maintain 85% VP to benefit from the trail upvotes. It's made keeping my autovotes going difficult. I think I'm going to ditch backscratcher after I return from Yorkshire in September, so I can support all my peeps again.

If HF21 seems steem down the shiter I'm afraid I'm outta here. Fingers crossed that people with stake actually stick to what they've been saying 🤞

I am hopeful that hf21 would set the tone for growth on this steem chain thingy. I have no other choice.

Comedyopenmic! Those were fun times. I just lost the juice though. Your gifs are mad funny.


I am hopeful that hf21 would set the tone for growth on this steem chain thingy.

I'm hopeful too, although this skit may not make it seem so lol

Any excuse for some trump bashing from me 😉

I'm just painfully aware that human nature rarely changes.

COM was indeed the bees knees. Also, that was all going on around the peak of the bull market. Heady days indeed.

Today I Learned that comedy open mic is no longer a thing... i've been gone too long.


Yeah man. So many of the creative competitions and things that encouraged excellence have disappeared. Honestly, it's why I bitch so much 🤣

Hopefully I can provide a chuckle with STEEM TRUMP. I might have him provide more 'completely reasonable and un-polarized' commentary when I get back from holidays in September 😉

Lovely! You’re doing wonderfully great 👍🏽, we’re taking Steem to another height through HF21

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Hopefully it will work out, yeah 🙂

Haha only Trump! Missed my anniversary wrote a post but did not have the same effect as I was late by two months. Hope you're well. Want to get some poetry up and posted, which tribe should I use? Confused with these new additions in my break haha 💯🐒


Hey @vibeof100monkeys 👋 sry for the late reply m8, I'm just about to go full AWOL from steem for 10 days holiday to Yorkshire... ha ha, but I've scheduled posts for I'm away so I don't fail my month of daily Haiku challenge. Glad you enjoyed the silly trump/steem related comedy 😂

Best tribe to use is #creativecoin just use that as one of your tags (without the #) after the main one of poetry. The creativecoin tag doesn't have to be the first one 🙂

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Nice thanks for the tip enjoy the hols up near me haha. I'm heading Cornwall! I take it I can use more than one tribe 💯🐒


Enjoy Cornwall 🙂

Yeah, you can use more than one tribe. I usually use palnet and creativecoin. Little tip, use steempeak, or one of the tribe sites, to publish your posts if you want to be able to use 10 tags 👍


👍🏽 I use Steempeak already 💯🐒

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We do need a laugh right now for sure. Not feeling the fork at all 😞

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Well, I'm glad I could provide a chuckle marianne. I swing back and forth on my opinion about HF21. It will take either all the usual suspects changing their behavior, or us forcing them to change through getting together and mass down voting them when they find ways to the same old shenanigans. If things don't improve I have ideas about how to shake things up. The problem is that there is a core of reasonably high earning steemians who are being supported by the owners of bidbots and the witnesses that turn a blind eye to them. Getting them on side for a mass downvoting campaign would be difficult... but we shall see how it pans out.

All the best. I'm off on holiday today so will be ignoring steem over the hardfork, although I've scheduled my haiku posts to go out automatically with steempeak lol

I feel that humour is the best and perhaps the only way to comment the direction which steem is taking. Pity, it could have been one of the first useful blockchain applications for mass adoption. You know I'm going to steal those gifs don't you? 😂😂😜