Why? You've run out of Resource Credits - HF20

2년 전

Your transaction failed to process

Please Note: The Steem blockchain was upgraded earlier today. You may experience trouble posting and transacting while the new bandwidth system stabilizes over the next 24 hours. It may be best to wait until this process completes before buying more Steem Power.

. . . or anything else for that matter

Why? You've run out of Resource Credits

Rc manabar . . . current_mana -25,774,005,674,403,097

On steemd.com/enter your_username, look under RC_Params, watch (refresh screen) your estimated_mana as it increments TOWARD ZERO. You've got a long way to go, don't you?

good luck with that!

If it's already > 0, TRY UPVOTING THIS POST!


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How long does it take to get out of this sandbox? I spent 2 hours writing a Thanksgiving focused post yesterday, and I still cannot post it, 24 hours later! Very disappointed in this entire experience. Pretty funny to, because I've known about the platform for a while, read it regularly, talk about it, and when I go to sign up, this is what I get! The only thing that has been prevented is quality content appearing on this platform. I cannot even imagine if I'm having this problem, what a less tech savvy person may be experiencing, potential readers, publishers and curators.

How much is the success of this platform being held back by whatever this manufactured Resource Credit Crisis is doing? I'm about to click post to this reply... wonder if it will even go live! 🤷‍♂️

Nope... had to finally just buy some SteemPower lol... so now I've paid over $30 to expedite my account opening because the $8 rate advertised on the site does not account for today's BTC price, and another few dollars for extra SteemPower. The signup page didn't disclose this, you may want to look into setting better expectations SteemIt like:

Hey new accounts cannot actually be used for anything besides 1 post, 1 comment and 5 likes... enjoy the platform, while a select few seem to be raking in real money for what appears to be posting, just for the sake of posting, probably to meet some type of algorithm's requirement to keep earning rate up... ?

Looks like my RC's are back in the positives now - finally able to upvote and if you're seeing this comment, then I'm able to comment as well! Woohoo!


Indeed - I've spot-checked a few other accounts, which all seem to be above Zero now!


Glad to see things are finally returning back to normal! Now we just need to wait for our voting powers to get back to normal too... 😆

Any idea where we can find our RC's level? I have the same issue as you and still can't post



It shows you have:

Enough credits for approximately:
2 comments (9 after recharge)
12 votes (46 after recharge)
12 transfers/powerups (48 after recharge)


Thanks for the link. I didn't know that website so really helpful!

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