Vote for Steem at gonetcoins, we're missing out

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Good morning people,

I just got up to see that Steem is over 700 votes behind already. It's time to get your emails out and vote for Steem here. That would be a sad, missed opportunity.

Vote for Steem at

As a community, we should try to vote everywhere for Steem as possible this has a positive effect on the value and calls more users and developers to this platform.

What are you waiting for?

Let's get Steem on #1 again.

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I feel that there is something fishy about the 1k Verge votes that just came in from nowhere. Hopefully they will be purged as fake bot votes or something like this... But just in case the Verge votes would somehow happen to be counted as real (or be real), we should intensify our promotion of the vote today. I will soon write my own post about this same topic to support our chances! 😀


Yeah, we gotta push it, there is always a chance that a few of our votes are fake as well. So we'd better not risk it.


I just caught the user @fr3eze promoting for people on Steem to push fake votes for us on the contest. Of course I put him in his place in the comment section, but yeah for sure we will probably lose a bunch of our votes as well because of people like him.

He even wrote a guide on how to fake vote, but without ever talking about changing IP-address, so he has basically been spamming the vote trough incognito mode with fake emails 🤦‍

It would probably be way more helpful to try to reach people outside of the Steemit ecosystem and get them to vote for us or something, then to try to game the vote.


Yeah, that obviously doesn't help anyone...

@raycoms sir, here is my first vote

this is my 2nd vote !
vote 2.jpg
and here is my 3rd one !

and going to vote my 4th one soon ! haha!

I love steem so much and I can do anything for its success!
Steem to moon!

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Steem can't handle.


It's on us after all =D

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I voted for steem