BDExchange - Discord Interface for Steem and Steem-Engine Wallet



BDExchange is a Discord bot available in BDCommunity Discord server. You may have heard of it before. It was initially introduced as an escrow facilitation bot using Steem Blockchain's built-in escrow features. The bot was not used much because of the difficulty in approving, disapproving, and/or disputing transactions.

As a usual Steem user, I use Discord more than Steem. I have a fascination to build everything inside Discord so that I do not have to go anywhere to do the daily tasks. With that, I started re-coding the bot to make a Steem wallet. And later Steem-Engine wallet to keep up with the token craze. It also goes along with my other discord bots mainly MonsterMarket.

Separation of wallet from the condenser improved security but I find it kind of inconvenient. This bot helps when I am on the phone. Let us talk about the features currently available on the bot.

I have divided all the commands into three parts - STEEM/SBD wallet commands, Steem-Engine wallet commands, and Account creation command.


BDExchange started as an escrow service. So, I kept the escrow but not using the Steem blockchain's escrow.

Available commands:


Shows any amount of STEEM/SBD/BTC/ETH/ETC/LTC/EOS/DOGE/TRX/BAT/BTS's price in USD and BDT. This is powered by @coingecko's API.


Converts provided the amount of STEEM or SBD to the other currency. e.g. if you put STEEM, it will convert to SBD and vice-versa. It uses Steem's own internal market and chooses the best rate available for the amount to convert.

Example transaction link. SteemConnect link may not work for convert, as SteemConnet v3 uses dSteem library which cannot broadcast limit_order_create2 due to some bug. AMOUNT CURRENCY USERNAME

This generates a Steem Connect transfer link with a special memo to start an escrow transaction with the provided Steem user.

Ayasha is exchanging 50 STEEM with @brave1 using the escrow.

..release ESCROWID

Upon fulfillment of the contract, the escrow initiator can release the escrowed fund with this command.

..balance USERNAME

Shows the STEEM/SBD balances of the provided username.


Transfers any amount of STEEM/SBD to the beneficiary account.

I am transferring 1 STEEM to @zaku


Delegates the provided amount of STEEM POWER to the beneficiary account.

..delegations USERNAME

Shows outgoing delegations of a Steem account.

Steem-Engine Wallet USERNAME

Shows the current Steem-engine balances of the user.

Steem-Engine token balances of @zaku AMOUNT TOKEN

Shows current price of the Steem-engine token.

Zaku is checking DEC price AMOUNT TOKEN PRICE *

Places a buy order of provided quantity of the token at the specified price. AMOUNT TOKEN PRICE *

Places a sell order of provided quantity of the token at the specified price. TOKEN

Shows a list of your open buy and sell orders of the token. ORDER_TYPE ORDER_ID *

Cancels the provided buy/sell order. AMOUNT STEEM *

Deposits STEEM to Steem-engine.

Zaku is depositing 20 STEEM to Steem-Engine TOKEN

Shows Steem-engine metrics of the token.

I am checking Steem-engine metrics of DEC AMOUNT TOKEN BENEFICIARY [MEMO] *

Transfer any amount of the Steem-engine token to another user.

Ayasha is transferring DEC to @zaku AMOUNT STEEMP *

Makes a withdrawal request of STEEMP as STEEM.

Account creation commands

BDExchange offers Steem account creation service powered by @BDVoter for a fee of 1 STEEM/account which goes to @BDCommunity.

..order-account PAYER NEW_ACCOUNT

Orders a STEEM account. This will generate a SteemConnect transfer link with a unique memo. Right now one Discord account can request one new account per day.

..create-account ORDER_ID

Creates the ordered account after the payment verification. You'll receive a DM from the bot with Steem account's password and other details. I am planning to automate this process.

How to use?

The BDExchange bot is available on BDCommunity Discord server. Please join BDCommunity Discord which also has many other services that you may like such as MonsterMarket.

It is a monthly subscription bot. Currently, the 1-month subscription is only 2 STEEM. You can subscribe for multiple months.



This command will you a SteemConnect link to transfer appropriate amount for the subscription. When you make the payment, the bot will notify you at the #bdexchange channel of the server.

If you are not ready to commit 2 STEEM per month without checking, you can have 2 day trial period.


Process is similar to subscription but it will only cost 0.001 STEEM.

I am continuously adding new features or updating existing ones. If you face any problem, please contact me @reazuliqbal or any other BDCommunity moderators.

All commands with a (*) after them will generate a SteemConnect v3 link. But if you have given @bdexchange active authority to your account (NOT RECOMMENDED), command execution will be automatic.

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interesting conecept, hopoe you will add more coins


Thanks. I am always updating the bot and adding new features.

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You Keep impressing me with your developments @reazuliqbal nice work, stuffs like this would require projects with active communities like $divi project I would like to believe this would enhance participation. Something also caught my attention when u said

As a usual Steem user, I use Discord more than Steem. I have a fascination to build everything inside Discord so that I do not have to go anywhere to do the daily tasks. With that, I started re-coding the bot to make a Steem wallet. And later Steem-Engine wallet to keep up with the token craze. It also goes along with my other discord bots mainly MonsterMarket.

It brought my mind to the tip bot Divi has been able to come up with. Discord might be next


Thank you for your kind words. :)

You keep pulling out some cool stuffs ma. Love your works!

I would suggest you add a step to confirm Steem engine transfers because from what I can see, there's no second chance for a case of wrong or misspelled username.

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That is a good point. The bot won't transfer if you put a wrong username or do not have enough balance. If you don't give the bot active authority, you'll get a SteemConnect v3 link where you can check if everything is okay.


Is this the only reason why granting authority is not suggested, because then there is no confirmation in-case of typos?

The worst and only transaction typos I've done, was to give 100% beneficiary to @liqwid for my author rewards on a post. {instead of @likwid}


Then I found the built-in option on SteemPeak



Not the only reason but one of the reason. Another big reason is security as you are trusting me with your funds.


Oh! Is this already implemented? I couldn't see any steemconnect link, probably the users had already authorized the bot?

In this case though, one more confirmation will be okay to ensure I don't send funds to zaky instead of zaku for example.

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The confirmation is not implemented yet if you have given active authority to the bot. But I am keeping it in mind for future development.


Lovely! 💯

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Excellent service with very easy system 😍

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Thank you, brother. 😁

This is really great! Glad to know this. I resteemed it so that other users will know. Great features!


Thank you for joining BDCommunity and the resteem. :)

This is a great bot you have there. I also find it unpleasant experience with the separation of the wallet from the condenser itself. Will try out the bot

  ·  작년

Why not just switch to non-steemit blog interface?


I use either esteem or busy most often nowadays


I was going to come and suggest you change to SteemPeak, but I see that since then you already have :)



You are welcome to the BDCommunity Discord. Thank you.

This is a bot that is going to change the game!
Like the concept, love the execution. Great job Reazul!

It works perfectly smooth and has the exact information while maintaining brevity. Not too much info, yet not too little. Just the right amount to make the right choices.

Since we already spend a lot of time on discord, this tool will elevate accessibility and is already doing so.

Very excited for it's complete launch on bdcommunity. 💯

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Thank you brother for your kind words. 😁

beautiful service with very easy system.. gret blogman

Great service.

Thanks for the post.

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qui:![folder (3).png]![folder (4).png]

Very good initiative. I really like it.

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Thanks for commenting.

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Thank you for doing this will resteem and tell my friends about this.

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This looks like a really good bot to use. I'm a gamer so I use Discord almost all the time. As a new steemer, It's nice to know I can use this in the future. Information like this definitely helps me a lot to learn more about steem and what to do, so I'm glad I stumbled into this article. I'll follow you now. Thanks for this.

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Thank you for commenting. Please join BDCommunity server and we can talk if you have any question about Steem and this bot.

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Thank you so much. :)

Outstanding service.
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excellent post keep it up