International Hugging Day 2018! [ Fueled by the Steem blockchain ]

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Meet-up and Hug in Public on January 21...

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by @reko
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Welcome to join the Steem International Hugging Day 2018!... 😄

We've been meeting up here in Gothenburg, Sweden for many years now in the most busy area in Scandinavia to hug our hearts out! It's always so much fun and we're of course gonna to do it again this year...

This year we are going to take it to the next level and have invited a choir called "The Voices of the Earth", a dance group called "Go Baow" as well as the local press. It's gonna be epic for sure...

21 January, 2017

21 January, 2014

21 Januray 2013
















21 January, 2015

21 January, 2015


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It is really good the way you are giving a good message to the world. I love this Hug idea, just imagine how cool it would be when you are meeting people where everyone is laughing and have forgotten all the difficulties and sorrows from his world to be happy for a moment.

  ·  2년 전

Yeah, highly reommend trying something similar out cause it feels so good and a lot of fun! :D


Definitely Once in life I will try it out.
Can not try it here in my country but might somewhere in Europe or America when I visit there.

Hug you all

hugs not drugs!

  ·  2년 전

why not combine the best of both worlds, hugs and drugs? ;)


I was reading about some MDMA clinical trials being funded by Bitcoin, who knows?

Aww!....i wish I could be there also, to witness and maybe to hug friends.....Happy Hug Day In Advance

What are you, some kind of hippy?

  ·  2년 전

lol, hippifying the Steem blockchain one post at a time!

Wow, you have a huge heart! Not many people would take the time to partake in a hugfest! I too would love to be there!

It's good to show love to one another.. It ll also give chance to meet someone you've seen for long, it's really an interesting program.. I wish I could be there

🤗 (hug) Rico

A meaningful custom!


That's why crime rate is low in Scandinavian countries.

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totally awesome

What a nice celebration

The event was so touching

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Eww. Look at the happiness and joy on all of their faces... Not for me. Especially if I have to interact with others, count me out! (joking). Nice post and very powerful pictures.

lovely! It is a good event for people!

Very good idea. Spread love not war. Nice post here.

thanks, your post! have a nice day.

wow! nice pictures, everybody needs the warmth of a hug


Yup feels good just to look at!

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That´s the stuff WE as a community should be focusing a lot more - very well done!!!

I wish the world would love a little more then we do this is such a great movement totally awesome thanks for the wonderful post bro!

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maaan, will i be hugging my life away!!! do i need some hugs in my life. wow! what a great idea.

These pictures paint a thousand words. I could see how teary eyed are the people hugging anyone.And yes,

it is really good and nice activity and the day you are celebrated as #Hugging_Day will help peoples to build new relations. As Love and affection among the peoples will increase which is very helpful for the community . I wish I could be there and be a part of your activity but unfortunately am very far away from and it's not possible for me to reach Sweden at 21 Jan. Advanced Hugging day from me <3

i never got your exact timing of posting bro, still i read one daily.

One way to uplift others is to hug them tight. Why not try it here in Philippines? Hugs for everyone!