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[2018-05-17] There are Now 1,000,000 Steem Accounts!

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by @reko
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State of Steem is back after having some computer problem combined with the best weather in a long time here in Sweden! Steem just reached the 1 million account milestone. I'm really excited about June which is historically a good month for crypto so I'm holding my thumbs and hoping for the best. Interest for crypto has dropped significantly all over the board but a spike in price will surely get people attention again...


Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-35-02.png

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-38-27.png

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-39-01.png

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-39-40.png


Screenshot from 2018-01-05 19-57-24.png

CUI = A ratio of blockchain daily activity to total blockchain capacity.

AVI (Activity Valuation Index) = A ratio of blockchain activity to market cap valuation (the higher the better).

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-42-53.png

The Steem blockchain at 0.17% of it's capacity with number one highest activity, double that of BitShares and Ethereum...

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-43-34.png

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-43-42.png

Alexa Ranking:

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-44-21.png
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-44-52.png
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-45-00.png

Google Trends

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-45-34.png
Blue=Steemit - Red=Steem

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-46-14.png



Daily Accounts Transacting:
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-22-36.png

Daily Accounts Created:
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-23-06.png

Daily Number of Posts:
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-22-03.png


Daily Number of Votes:
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-22-17.png

Posts + Comments per Post:
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-22-52.png

Daily Amount of Steem Powered UP & DOWN:
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-23-20.png

Daily Steem Transfers from and to exchanges:
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-23-57.png

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-23-32.png
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-24-08.png
Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-24-31.png

Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-52-22.png


Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-54-12.png


Screenshot from 2018-05-17 11-54-41.png




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It doesn't surprise me that there are that many Steem accounts

wow, this is a huge milestone for the steemit community in general. Steemit has affected possibly every region and nation of the world. I doubt that there is a city in the world today who are oblivious to what steemit is.

Thank you for the update

Bara goda nyheter :) Jag har inte heller varit så aktiv den senaste veckan, vädret har helt enkelt varit för bra för att sitta inne vid en dator. Lika fint hos er på västkusten?

hey i just upvoted your post on steemfolllower

Perhaps it was missed by me, yet if steem vs BTC is not mentioned in this article it would be handy to know. The exchange would quickly enlighten me, so not really a need to fill the blockchain with such time sensitive data. A website ticker makes more sense to me.

Yet if you must then steem vs BTC would be helpful.

It is known to me that my steem was purchased at 0.00024 BTC yet have no idea (nor care) what it was in fiat.

A beautiful publication I hope to rise steem and all the coins
The steemit website every day achieves success by your own
Congratulations to all of us on this site and this currency

Great to finally see "State of Steem" once again.You must've been very busy lately :P

I joined the party when it was about 350K members. Was looking forward to seeing it grow to plus million accounts. Not sure why now. I think it was expectation of greater flow of steem and reward earning that might be possible. Now it feels like I was mistaken to think that. Perhaps will feel more positive when the crypto market climbs again.

saludos buen post


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Hey this is awesome post.
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