Technical description🛠

4개월 전

The company develops a technical description of each product model before releasing the product 🏢for mass production or immediately on the market.

🧐As a rule, they indicate the full name of the product, appearance and possible modifications, in case of their availability. Diagrams, sketches, drawings and digital parameters of the product are essential components of the technical description.

A prerequisite is to indicate a complete list of all components with certificates 📜and, accordingly, product materials. Particular attention is paid to the packaging material and the documentation that is included in the packaging, as well as the requirements for storage, operation and transportation🚚 of the product.

The preparation of a technical description of a product at Req & Doc takes place in several stages:

👉🏻 We receive the information necessary to develop a technical description
👉🏻 Our experts study all information and documents
👉🏻 Stage of creating a technical description
👉🏻 Coordination and approval of the finished document with the customer

We value the time 🕔 of our customers and fulfill orders strictly within the agreed time frame and in compliance with regulatory standards.



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