Is Ripple going to crash?

4년 전

Ripple or XRP has been in a sideways move for the last week after it's first initial move upwards. Currently it looks as though it is making a flat pattern that might resolve in a large downward move.


Looking at this chart, you can see an almost complete looking flat pattern which should resolve to the downside. If this is the case we should look at a target range of around .72 before the completion of the downward move.


So if you are looking at playing this chart, wait for the drop or a buy set up before entering as there is a good possibility that there will be a significant drop fairly soon.

I would like to announce a winner to my weekly contest as well for the guess of the S&P500. The winner @idisi won with a guess of 2700 which was 37 points off the actual close of 2663. This Steemian won a prize of .25 SBD for his correct guess. Hope more will come to play next week as the more contestants I have the higher the prize I can give out.

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