Benefits of Bit Fruits For Body Health, Pregnant Women, and Infants

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Bit fruit is very nutritious in the prevention and treatment of a disease, this is because in bits contain many nutrients and rich in vitamins. Nutrition contained in the beet is needed and needed by the body. Bits contain lots of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, fiber, folic acid, caumarin, phosphorus, betasianine, potassium, tryptophan, iron and many other nutrients contained in this bit. The benefits of beet for health are as follows:

Creating a Healthy Heart
Heart disease is currently used as the number one killer in the world. Therefore an effective way to avoid heart disease is to create and maintain a healthy heart. Potassium content contained in the beet is believed to reduce hypertension, this hypertension is one that serve as a blocker of blood flow to the heart. Consuming beets can also be believed to reduce homocysteine. Homocysteine ​​is a harmful substance for heart health, because with homosistein peripheral blood vessels become damaged so the likelihood of sufferers greater stroke.

Stamina Body Awake
Eating bits by making juice and drinking regularly every morning is believed to make the body's stamina awake. With beetroot juice, the body will avoid fatigue, fatigue and lethargy. Bits juice juice contains nitrate that can be useful to reduce the oxygen outflow when you move.

Avoid From Anemia
Blood deficiency disease or anemia can indeed infect anyone. For patients with anemia can consume this bit. This is because the beets are rich in iron. Iron can improve hemoglobin or red blood cells and can be used to supply oxygen that can be beneficial to hemoglobin in the body.

Smooth digestion
Unhealthy eating patterns such as consuming junk food can cause digestion to be disturbed. The disorders are like diarrhea, nausea and dysentery. Digestive problems that can be overcome by drinking regularly this bitter fruit juice because beets contain lots of fiber that is useful in dissolving food in the intestines and toxins in the intestines.

Creating a Healthy Kidney And A Healthy Gall Bag
By drinking beetroot juice or consuming it directly is very nutritious for kidney health and gallbladder. This is because beet juice can be used as a cleanser of the kidneys and gallbladder of toxins that accumulate and settle in both organs. After the toxins are removed, the kidneys and gallbladder will be clean and become healthy.

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