What could this be?

2년 전

In a city near me was a new railway station built.
And on the front of the building are this blue symbols. I needed quite a while to find out what it is about.

Can you figure out what it is?

Hint: It has nothing to do with the playstation :)

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As a hint, the three lines shows numbers which are:


it looks like it's some kind of game or a puzzle

I dont know,Can you tell me?


haha okay, it is a binary clock.
Circles are hours, Xes are minutes and the squares are the seconds.


Thank you, It is new to me

Simply drain the energy to guess it. Seen people are so serious about it :)

uff its soo difficult to find it out.my mind didnt work on these symbols on the building!

I think it's like a guidance symbol

No idea about the picture but for me it looks like a giant joystick.

  ·  2년 전

no idea but i read out your first comment reply you said it is a binary clock
honestly i first time heard about such kind of clock @rocks how did you figure out is this a binary clock? ...


I did not find out, a friend told me also.. haha :)
But here you see how it works:

There is no idea what is this sign? I think this sign ....oh no...no idea.

whether the code is so or does it change every day?


every second :)


whether people in the area there know the code

This is a blue sign on the building, but don't know for what?


yeah but the light changes from time to time :)


any market price symbol.


@rockz, please have a look at my blog, if you can

I was curious about that symbol

it looks like a secret symbol

since when the code was there

A binary clock.

the building is very cool and very creative

i didn't see this type of thing before.😲

nice post @rockz

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First I thought tic tac toe, then I was like why squares! LOL

clock of new style , beautiful photography at night time

Great riddle but cant solve