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When I was on Steemit for some time about months or less I guess, I read several posts trying to underestimate Ethereum and maybe Bitcoin or all other cryptos.
These people eventually presented something which is now we call EOS, which many call it an Ethereum killer.
Is this only an Ethereum killer or maybe a Steem killer or a killer of all cryptos or trying to centralized the decentralized?
Or could EOS really kill?

This June, a big announcement (how big?) is coming for EOS and rumors are spreading that they're creating a social media platform called MEOS built on EOS blockchain, a killer to Steemit built on Steem blockchain? Or could it really kill?

Dan Larimer is quite fast, creating BitShares, then Steem, then EOS, then what's next?
Is fast really matter?
Is genius really matter?

Yes Albert Einstein is genius.
But too much of anything is too much, leading too much to infinity, going too much to circling around, roaming around with unlimited and/or doing with no point at all.
Any contribution from Albert Einstein?
Yes, the theory of relativity.
Any devastation of Albert Einstein?
Yes, Hiroshima, Japan that turned into ashes during WWII.
The theory of relativity gave birth to atomic bomb creation.

One simple virtue (no, its hard!) is needed for Dan Larimer, PATIENCE.

Jumping from one blockchain to another blockchain, to another blockchain, from BitShares to Steem, to EOS sounds ridiculous (not really!@?).

Is EOS the third and the last for Dan Larimer?
Or maybe he's thinking now of creating another fourth one ( so total 41???).
What if EOS drops to rank 20 or 40 or 50?
Is he gonna leave again and try another one?
Maybe he always love the #1, its none of our business.

Maybe EOS have several big investors( again how big?), but they lack people/community which is the most important than money/resources.
Maybe its the reason why they're trying and maybe creating a Facebook/Reddit-liked platform, thus creating like Steemit is inevitable.

My question is:
Could we trust Dan Larimer?

My next out of the blue question is:
Could we trust Ned Scott?

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EOS lacks a community? Its pretty huge actually lol


We can surely trust steem community.

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Thanks for the comment man!
So you're for EOS?

100% important question you have asked ... ♥ we love steem always till the end of our breathe


Great to hear from you man!

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Thank you!