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Very balanced response. Enlightened to read. Time to be more calm. thx


Thanks for stopping by Roeland, let's see if @justinsunsteemit takes the effort to read as well.

If such a letter would have been written addressed to an adult that can think responsibly, I'm sure this would be very effective.

However, you are addressing Justin Sun. I would not expect too much.


Things go both ways @fitzgibbon :), I think there is so much miscommunication/misunderstanding going on, it is understandable things are getting heated quite fast. The problem is that when we respond out of emotion, we tend to forget the goal of mutual benefits.


Personally, and I don't want to sound harsh, I'm sick and tired of the 'miscommunication' spin on things.

SF 22.1 was not an emotional decision. It had supermajority support from the elected witnesses. And as such, it was the law. That's DPOS.

Justin's reaction, creating 20 sock puppets and using all his available stake + exchanges to rewrite the law on this platform, unfortunately was also DPOS.

Now we will see if such a system has any chance for survival. It certainly is vulnerable when stake is not distributed evenly. The problem is very clear if power is centralised in one organisation/person. But I've felt too there's a group of OG Steem miners still holding on to a large stake, which is not particularly health for the platform either (i.e. the famous 'circlejerk').

I would hope that the longer the platform survives, the stronger and more decentralized it gets.

Nice to see a well written and calm response to this situation. If both sides of this conflict would take the effort to express themselves in clear and neutral tone like this without calling names there is still a chance of a good outcome of this situation. Thank you!


Appreciate that @carapthian, I agree and I hope so as well. We are all stakeholders of Steem, and Steem is a place for everyone, right? :)


Exactly, in the meantime let's just try to put nice content to the platform and keep it going while hoping all the drama will calm down

Aw yeah Ruben, you're articulate and to the point. There would be no reason for anyone invested in STEEM to react in an adverse manner if there were no conflict of interest. Clearly, where others may come from and the policy they are familiar with can be different, but if one wishes to be or participate in something like STEEM, some foreknowledge of how STEEM operates might be necessary, no? I would love for this individual to see these responses as a sign life exists, and that everyone would do more than bat an eyelash if they noticed their votes, trust, and stake usurped and undermined. Say it again for the people in the back! #TryThis


Knowledge is key, I think that both parties have taken understandable actions. However, they can be seen as hostile to both as well. So, while we focus on defending our own priorities, I believe that we kinda slack in meeting on common grounds (where it takes two to be effective) so there can be mutual benefits. I hope @justinsunsteemit can understand where the community is coming from, and that he knows that we can understand where he is coming from. No further actions should be taken before having a conversation. I was kinda excited for Justin Sun to show up, his marketing team has been doing a great job and I believe the cooperation between the two platforms would benefit -everyone-.

He was trained by Jack Ma, I dont expect anything of tangible value to be produced by anything Justin Sun produces, it's just sad he is risking his money on such an outlandish approach to a thriving blogging community.

If I was interested in becoming a police officier, I wouldn't go commit a crime knowing I could talk about a job with the cops when they showed up.


That's one way to see it... No one would go and commit a crime if they know it's a crime, while others do if they know for sure they can get away with it. So, the question is -> why? A question you and I both do not have the answer to, we can speculate, but that is certainly a factor that can make the situation worse rather than it will improve it.


You make a bet on Jack Ma and see where that gets you when Amazon takes their Ibdian market shares 1 inch at a time.

I know where my money is and it's not with a Chinese communist.

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Are there more fucks to give after this read? What the fuck


Thank you for your input, I hope you were able to vent out some emotions.

Waste of time lol. If he ever reads that, he doesn’t even read two line sentenses of mine in wechat group.

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Whether @justinsunsteemit reads this or not, I guess he is busy and his team has a slightly bigger chance of reading this. Chances are slim, I agree. But not entirely a waste of time in my opinion. I don't feel entitled to being answered either. Just sharing my thoughts on the situation.

Very good response to his questions, I hope this balanced approach is adopted by all sides.



Thanks @cryptogee! Appreciate your visit :), let's hope for the better. Crypto is being smashed at the moment, so most probably a brighter future lies in front of us. Cheers