DLie Ninjas Return To Promote On Steem - 10 STEEM bounty for comments about the scam they pulled off

3년 전

The funniest thing happened today. Rats from DLie have dared to come back to Steem to promote. These sneaky ninjas think that three months were enough for us to forget the treacherous act of betrayal and how they used and abused Steem blockchain, Steemit.inc and the Steem community.

I won't go into much detail about what DLie pulled off because some users already covered this topic very well. I'll just give you some short pointers to what really happened and point you in the direction of the articles I'm referring to. There you will find an in-depth description to went down.

DLie doesn't want anyone to know this

What they did on Steem was their plan from the get-go. Way before they even went live with their centralized application which they passed off as a decentralized one, as they still do.

These rogues came on Steem to:

  • create and battletest their UI
  • get a massive delegation from Steemit.inc for creating a "dapp built on Steem"
  • use this delegation to build a following of mindless, careless individuals that will work for upvotes AND blindly follow when they announce migration to their private LINO blockchain
  • crowdsource development - paid from the delegation
  • further reward their core team with 3000-5000 STEEM POWER + God knows how much SBD - paid from the delegation
  • sneakily steal @dtube community by offering 0% beneficiary while @dtube had 20% or 10% (don't remember the exact amount)

They raped the reward pool to pay ridiculous amounts to their core team and a lot less to those which they found on Steem.

NOTE: Everyone from the DLie core team powered down all of their earnings and they even started powering down way before we found out about their exit.

They lied and deceived to make us think that DLie is a decentralized application while it isn't.

In fact, DLie runs on a centralized GraphQL database to serve all of their content. The only thing they ever used from the Steem blockchain for, was to distribute rewards and that's exactly what they are using LINO for, now.

Everything they did on Steem was fueled by the 2m dlegation from Steemit.inc

All while their CEO Kent, was boasting how he pays for server costs out of his own pocket, we have learned that this is just not true. They had all the necessary financial backing provided by LINO, the blockchain they later switched to.

It's ironic because although they knew from the beginning that they will migrate to LINO, they still begged for and received a big delegation from Steemit.inc. DLie used this delegation to buy your attention and time and when their true motives were revealed your GREED did not allow your common sense to come through so, a lot of you followed along and are still supporting them.

It was disappointing to see them go but I really don't give a fuck. Their actions speak volumes about the kind of people they are.

What I do care about is STEEM

I'm not going to allow these rats to further abuse it by promoting their worthless centralized platform on here.

If you are with me on this I would like to kindly ask you to:

I'll reward the best comment with a 5 STEEM bidbot boost on their comment and another one with 3 STEEM and one more with 2 STEEM

To enter, just post the image of your comment here.

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What to expect man, hope the whole community will downvote those shameless bastards... How the fuck can someone even think of doing that, after all they've done... Unbelievable


I don't even know man. I mean, the fuck did they expect was going to happen 😂

Upvoted & resteemed this post. Flagged and commented on that post.


Glad that you joined too :D


How could I not! :(

just made a comment and upvoted yours haha those idiots


Seen it, thanks for the support Ivan! have you a little upvote to boost you up.

Will hand out the bidbot votes in a couple days to give more users a chance to participate in this noble cause.


"noble cause",love it haha, thank you!

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Lol. Good post

Btw my comment is there.

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Thanks for joining!

My comment is in too. They betrayed US and they come here to advertise themselfs - so they showing us that they have NO RESPECT for Steem


Thanks @mardax! Upvoted you there :D

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I've read their post yesterday, but it was more entertaining reading the comments lol. Of course, those which were against them because from what I noticed there are a few more leftovers who are supporting them, which is kind of sad.
It's literally ridiculous!! I can't believe they can return here after all what they've done. I'm still wondering why aren't they banned yet!