Meet "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver.

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This is probably going to be my best Article. I am going to take an interview of a person that is the reason I am here and doing what I am doing .Roger Ver "Bitcoin jesus" the person saw Bitcoin as best invention of the world after Internet, When people were making joke of it in 2011. He become the first Original investor of Bitcoin and the person who is now seeing BCH as a future and real true ideology of Satoshi's paper while ignorants missing his point again.

Q1. In 2017, You tried to explain "Good money" to people which is "easy to transport" and it's just been 3 years and we can already see BCH adoption is Skyrocketing against BTC in third world countries. What do think about how much time it will take to Surpass the BTC in terms of adoption?

Answer: So, the answer to that question, it depends on all of us, Bitcoin Cash fans and peer-to-peer electronic cash fans out there. If we go out there and tell our friends and family, then show them that Bitcoin Cash works right now, today. You don't have to wait for 18 months for lighting network or something else like that, then it'll happen soon, but there are still so many people out there that are fooled into thinking that BTC is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that can bring more economic freedom to the world. BTC at this point is a giant speculative Ponzi system without much actual utility in business. The user's experience is horrible on BTC. The user's experience on Bitcoin Cash is fantastic, but there's a whole bunch of BTC holders out there that love to spend their time attacking Bitcoin Cash because they see Bitcoin Cash as a threat to the price. Their BTC going up in the future and then being able to earn a bunch of money by just holding BTC and doing nothing at all, and BTC is not having these sorts of utility in Commerce. So, how soon they will be able to flip BCH and BTC? I think Ethereum will flip it first and then maybe Bitcoin cash, not too long after that because if it's not useful, people are going to use it, they're not going to hold it either and eventually people going to figure that out with regards to BTC.

Question 2. What are the next big obstacles BCH needs to overcome to increase adoption?

Answer: I think it's just awareness, like Bitcoin Cash works amazingly well, super-fast, super cheap, super reliable payments around the world for anyone anywhere instantly. People aren't aware of the SLP tokens enough yet, there's just all this stuff out there that people don't know exist. But it works better, faster, cheaper, more reliably than PayPal or Visa or your Bank of America account. So, we just need to get the word about it. Just like we needed to get the word about Bitcoin back in 2011. When I started paying for national radio ads and billboards and that sort of thing as well.

Q3. BCH community is rapidly growing in Third world countries and platforms like Empowering these people to have a chance to earn BCH. Do you think more Platforms like this needed to make BCH adoption faster?

Answer: Yeah, the more platforms, the better. Another fantastic example of this which I love is You can see people from all over the world playing poker and there are these games were like, the first place has Ten cents worth of Bitcoin Cash, but people can do it. They went and hundreds of people are signing up for these games. So, I think is a great example of one of the best Bitcoin cash faucets out there that gets Bitcoin Cash in the hands of new people. I also love our new It lets you send Bitcoin Cash to any Email address. So, you have a bunch of friends and you want to send them a little bit, try using and the cool part is, if they don't claim it, the funds go right back to you automatically. So, you don't have to worry about the money being lost.

Q4. What BCH sectors do you think are promising in terms of growth?

Answer: So, of course, I love, because it allows anybody in any country to buy or sell any amount of Bitcoin Cash with anyone for any payment method in any country with no KYC documents needed. It's taking off in China, somewhat in Europe, and the US is lagging behind. So I'd like to see more people in the US using that as well, but I' much more excited about, that the Bitcoin Cash Register App as well and don't forget, where you can make your own SLP tokens in like 10 seconds and then send those tokens around the world as well. It's amazing.

Q5.You believe many cryptocurrencies and you want all them to grow but you only Preach about BCH why is that?

Answer: I think Bitcoin Cash is the front-runner at this point, its ability to bring more individual economic freedom and empowerment to the people all over the world. BTC stopped being usable for payments. It's a shame because I was one of the first people in the world that start promoting that and investing in that and making it happen. Then, all these companies like coinbase that did pay blocks, and they all used to be known as Bitcoin businesses, but they're not known as Bitcoin businesses anymore. No other cryptos are known as cryptocurrency businesses. The reason behind that, because Bitcoin stops being useful in Commerce, they had to switch to using other cryptocurrencies. So, I love anything that's useful and works for people at all. I'll gladly promote it but there's only a lot of hours in each day and I happen to own So, with that, we should probably be promoting one of the potential flavors than Bitcoin and that's Bitcoin Cash. So, if you haven't tried it yet. Give it a try.

Q6. BTC Started in 2009 and within eleven years we witness the growth and Infrastructures getting build on crypto Economy, Ongoing world fiat Economic system is crumbling and Crypto is not ready for it yet what will happen if there's a sudden incident which makes falls this economy into pieces and people go for Cryptocurrencies?

Answer: So, if there's another worldwide economic disaster, we want cryptocurrencies to be ready for any worldwide disaster. We want cryptocurrency to be ready to pick up the slack and sadly like BTC was crippled with its one-megabyte block size limit while there weren't any scaling solutions that were ready and workable for people to use. But Bitcoin Cash has some pretty decent infrastructure already today with the Bitcoin Cash register app. The wallet and acceptance from merchants processors like the and get, these other things. So, stay tuned for that.

Q7. Taxes are the Biggest obstacles in crypto adoption and Governments around the world giving their best to make sure to make it impossible for people to adopt it. How to overcome this?

Answer: So, we need more permission list decentralized systems like, but that's also worth pointing out and I think it was 2014 when the IRS came out with a rulin that Bitcoin is not money. Bitcoin is a property and everybody up to that point, you know Bitcoin supposed to be used as money. And so, the IRS comes out with this ruling and then this company blockstream that raised a hundred plus million dollars from traditional Financial companies. Come out there and say "yeah Bitcoins not supposed to be used as money," and then all these brainwashed fools go and cheer for it and they destroyed the very thing that made Bitcoin popular, to begin with. So, I guess that's one of the benefits of having so many different cryptocurrencies now, people can choose whichever one works as a currency for them.

Q8. What a piece of advice you want to give the community on who are here to earn some BCH by writing content?

Answer: Yeah. It's an example of how prices transmit information whenever anybody's willing to pay you to do something that means, they value what you're doing and if nobody's willing to pay you to do something it means, they don't value what you're doing so much. So, go out there and create some useful content and get paid to do it and the world will be a better place because of it.

So, thank you all, for getting involved, and together, we're going to make the entire world a better place for everybody. And, Bitcoin Cash is one of the very best tools the world has to do that.

It was a wonderful experience to have an interview with Roger Ver. These type of interaction with great people like him always give a insightful knowledge and a ton of new things to learn. I do follow him on whole social media. I think every BCH user should follow him as well leaving links below . Thank you @RogerVer

Youtube : Roger Ver , Bitcoin

Twitter: Roger K Ver

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