Steem is bullish as everyone is busy buying it! Above 50% gain in last 2 hours!

4개월 전

As per @coingecko, steem has recorded a gain of over 50%! It appears that everyone is busy accumulating as much steem as they can as in a few hours from now all steemians are going to get equal amount of hive tokens. I have been trying to buy some steem too. However, it turned out this attempt was only to witness this sudden surge!


BTW, I Know it very well that this surge is temporary as this is soon going to get dumbed in the market to bring the value of steem to almost nothing!

So here we go.. Purchase the steem, accumulate Hive.. And finally dumb the steem!

I'm rushing to purchase some too!

Steem on... Sorry Hive on!

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Hive...? Update me🤔


See my last resteem.. or go through the blogs of @blocktrades and @hiveio for more details.


So the things are heating up...👍 Let's see if get dual benefits as well with Steem and hive