Thought of the day

5년 전

Choice is the act of making decision in the midst of alternatives. It also refers to the person or thing chosen.
It is established that one of the most powerful forces on the earth is the power of choice. Your choices determine your chances in life.
Beloved, people make choice and choices make people. For instance, the choice a person made twenty-five years ago to study Medicine is Why he is a Medical Director of teaching hospital today. In the same manner, the choice a person made five years ago to sit at home while others went to work is the reason he is a pauper today.
So, it is safe to conclude that we are products of our choice. Our choice of yesterday are responsible for where we are today and our choice of today will be responsible for where we will find ourselves tomorrow.
Life is without direction when it is without a quality decision.
My counsel is, always back your decision with brutal action because decision without action equals stagnation and frustration.
'Remember this; Your choices determine your chances in life.

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