Steem Statistic Charts Week 03

2년 전

Here are my weekly Steem statistic charts.
In the third week of 2018, price of Steem decreased by 11% while the SBD price increased by 34%. Thanks to the speculators for the higher payouts to the authors. :-) SBD inflation is now 10.7% weekly. Steemit activity values went down a little bit, but total accounts and daily unique visitors continued to rise.


The all-in-one-chart shows all activity values and monetary values in logarithmic scaling where you can see the correlation between the curves.


Steem Price Chart

The following chart shows the steem price and market capitalization in linear scaling.


SBD Chart

The following chart shows the SBD price and SBD supply in linear scaling. The inflation rate of SBD is now 10.7% weekly.


If you have some advice to improve the charts, please let me know.

Here are the links to my last five weekly statistics:

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I find it mesmerizing there are ONLY 600k accounts. Wow as much as i hate facebook, i am proud of the steemit community. You do more than the 5 billion fb users. As time rolls on, there are more and more steemit articles in google results than any other source. You should all be proud to say were are part of the movement before its "cool" to most.

This is awesome. I really appreciate you sharing. You got a new follower as well. The inflation graph is very interesting.


You have a very informative blog too. Followed you back.


Thank you! It's nice to meet you!

Vielen Dank für die Charts und Statistiken.
Gruss vom Bodensee.

Interested to keep seeing how these stats charts evolve over time. I’ve given you a follow and I’ll see you around 😎.

nice, dass die Spekulation auf den Sekundärmärkten die Payouts beeinflusst find ich irgendwie krass. Macht doch das ganze auch vulnerabel? Wenn jemand da draußen möchte kann er uns schaden.


Das mit dem "schaden" kann man so nicht sehen. Ohne Spekulation wäre der SBD nur 1$ wert. Alles was darüber ist, ist eher ein ungewolltes Geschenk der Spekulanten an die Autoren. Aber Steemit an sich ist so ausgelegt, dass der SBD nur 1$ wert hat. Darunter kann er kaum fallen, und steigen kann er durch die Investoren/Spekulanten. Der hohe SBD und auch Steem Preis beschleunigt den Erfolg von Steemit und den anderen Anwendungen, welche auf der Steem-Blockchain laufen.


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!


Ah ok danke, dann korreliert er obenrum aber Entwertung durch Kapitalbewegung ist unwahrscheinlich weil der Token stabilisiert wird. Muss mich da unbedingt nochmal einlesen

  ·  2년 전

Also, you should probably link to your old articles. It's frustrating to see "week03" with no simple way to get to the previous ones :)


You can click on my name and then you see my profile where all my posts are.
Nevertheless it could be a good idea to link oler posts in the current posting.

Hey @sevenseals thanks for the chart and it would be amazing if both steem and sbd rises parallel ..resteeming your post sir.


Thank you for resteem. I think people speculate on the SBD because it has less marketcap and they don't really know what SBD is.

Thank you for the charts. Upvoted and resteemed!

Thank you for sharing. resteem

Yes, despite the decline in the evaluation, but there is an increase in the proportion of visitors statistics in the absence of accuracy Thank you


What do you mean with "absence of accuracy"? Do you want me to make an extra chart with the visitors in linear scale?


I mean the accuracy of the information you provided, my friend
Visitors are increasing and this is what makes it go uphill According to my thinking

  ·  2년 전

Sorry if I'm being a noob, but where does this huge inflation come from? Is it a witness action to keep SBD price reasonable, or is it going to follow the trend of over 10%/week? That sounds unsustainable


Here I have wrote an articel where I explain the regulation of SBD. The reason for the current inflation is that no SBD will be destroyd if SBD price is over $1.
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