What is Dark Web ?

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We use WWW to open any Web site for Internet Explorer. Which means Worldwide Web, also called Surfes Web, and Light Web. But the most amazing thing for you is that by using the night of night, which can not end the internet, it is only four percent of the total Internet interfaces. 95% of the rest are exposed to the eyes of ordinary people.

Now your mind will have questions about:
Why is it fifty percent of the internet intensified with our eyes? Why can not we see it? What is hidden in the great world of the internet? Why is it hidden from ordinary people? What is there? So today, the answers to these questions will be discussed.

The World Wide Web invented by Tom Bernnellie in 1989 and brought a regular view on August 6, 1991. Then, this technology reached here by promoting tablet speeds. Thus, the whole world was gathered on a computer screen. Human benefits were benefited from the benefits of the Job, but remained steadfast over time. . Due to the rapid acceleration of the web, document transfer and letter-sharing were converted into e-mail formats. And companies and institutions started using it.

On one side, the whole world was benefiting from this blessing, on the other hand, David Cham wrote an article, a book Secutity without identification. In which he warned that people are being deprived of monitoring their information due to the use of more than the World Wide Web. People do not even know that their information is accurate, or are old. So, what David Dawood had done, today everyone knows that Google, including other websites including Facebook, know about their users so that they do not even know their close friends or their brothers. So using these sausages, secret of the world also spy .

From here, there is a new turn in the world of the Internet, and governments begin to think that there should be a system for security of data exchange on the Internet so that no one can steal it. However, for the purpose of the American Navy, Three researchers carry onion routing systems raising this raft. This system was designed in such a way that no one could steal someone's data nor could open the website without permission. Amazingly a big change came when American Naval Research Laboratory opened the system open. That means everyone is allowed to get it. The result of this is that criminals around the world started using this system for their intense crimes. And its name is Dark Web.

I want to show you a picture to understand all this,

In this image, a mountain of snow is visible in the sea, a small part of it is outside, you can understand it as the World Wide Web, which we use.

Then you see a big part under the Deep Web. Then the larger part is looking deeper further, it is called Dark Web. Then there are Red Rosses in the Dark Web. It does not end here, but the bottom of the snow mountain is called the Marianaz Web, which is not even accessible to governments of the world's common countries.

Now I try to explain a little bit of explanation of the four parts of the web.

  1. The World Wide Web is the Internet we use on our computer or mobile, and know more.

  2. The bottom web is below. It is part of the Internet that has access to only relevant people, and it is usually used in different companies and institutions. As banks data or for example, you buy from UFO's SIM Islamabad and then go to Karachi and go back to office, then they open your Internet and know your details that you really are the same person It's ok on the name. All this data is on the Web, so UFO can only open its UFO data, not everyone else's accessibility to every company only access to its data.

  3. Then the Web comes down from the Web to the Dark web. This is part of the Internet as far as anyone can access, except that with the full address of the Dark Web site. Usually the Web site's directory consists of different numbers and words, and eventually, instead of com is a dot tour, or dot orn etc.. To go here, contact the administrator of the relevant website, Who gives you an address and receives an address. This web site opens when you complete a complete and accurate address. But remember Google does not open on normal browsers. And also remember that unlocking or viewing these websites is also a criminal offense, if you only know that you have visited the Dark Web, you may be arrested and punished.

Then there are Red Rings on the Dark Web. That is where there are live and direct killings and abuse of children, people who have more money, and their nature has become disturbed, they are accustomed to seeing such scenes. They are, therefore, they go to the Red Rams, there is a bid of everything, for example, such a huge amount of money, and so much money to cut the hands of the living child, the amount of money that he has killed, then his skull

Then there are Red Rings on the Dark Web. That is where there are live and direct killings and abuse of children and children, people who have more money, and their nature has become disturbed, they are accustomed to seeing such scenes. So, they go to the Red Rams, there is a bump of everything, for example, such a huge amount of money to show off, so much money to cut the hands of the living child, his money to beat him, and then throw it away. So much money etc.

Apart from this, every type of drug, weapons and whatever you can think is found there. Even there are rewards that there are so many money to kill the person of the Levels, such money for killing the journalist, so much money to kill the minister, so much money to kill the sixteen super officer. A website was famous for the name of Silk Road, which was called by Intelligence in Tracy by American Intelligence.

  1. Marianas Web Marian Web This is the deepest part of the Internet world. In the real world, the deepest part of the ocean is called Marianz Turnch, so that's why the name of this web is kept in its name. In this part of the Net, secrets of some powerful governments in the world, such as the US, Israel and other divine powers. There is nothing wrong with the entry here, code and cache are used here.
    One of the most important things to hear is how much business on the web site is in the corner, but the bit is a currency that does not come into any law and order, nor can a trace, it is not about anyone. How many buttons have to be found? This focus of billions of dollars on the Dark Web is a business.

Now finally answer the question that would have been born in mind about why this web is not banned. So the thing is that like pistol or collation cuff we make for our safety and security, the knife is made for vegetable cutting, now if someone picks up the knife and swings in someone's stomach, then it is not a knife mistake but If there is a ban on the knife, all human beings will be punished, therefore the solution is that the person who misguides it should be made a lesson and others should already be told that brother Misuse can destroy your world and the Hereafter.

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