#doubledolphin | 10,000SP on my first steem cryptoanniversary

4개월 전

I like patterns, and it seemed fitting to achieve 10,000SP on the anniversary of my first crypto purchase. Back then, I thought it would take me at least two years to achieve the dolphin threshold of 5,000SP.

Screenshot 47.png

I was sitting on my sister's balcony in Oroklini, just outside Larnaca in Cyprus. The weather was mixed - for the first time, I had taken my big coat with me and I needed it. More than once I was caught in a downpour.

But it was still warmer than the UK and the intensity of the sun was gorgeous. I'd just learned how to buy and sell Steem, thanks to a post by @phoenixwren, and I was raring to go! For the romance of it, my first intermediary purchase was Bitcoin.

My sister and I had been talking about Bitcoin. She and her husband had been offered Bitcoin at 0.09 euros several years ago. Unfortunately, it had been by a man who had had to leave the island in a hurry. They hadn't bought, but they were aware how the price had increased.

Of course, Cyprus is becoming the next blockchain hotspot :)

I was a bit erratic in my early purchases. As the price of Steem went down, I bought chunks of it at a time. I had already planned to invest in Steem when I first started blogging, and I had savings put aside.

After Steemfest3, I developed a buying plan: each week, I set aside a small amount of fiat, about the amount I might spend on a meal, or a round of drinks, or the cinema, and buy however many Steem I can for that amount.

Generally speaking, that takes a lot of the stress (for me) and emotion out of buying. Although I do get a bit cross when the price goes up on a Saturday, and the number of Steem I can buy correspondingly goes down! But it doesn't last, and I'm not averse to buying, as @revisesociology would say, a cheeky £5's worth during the week if the price drops.

This plan, and the advent of @ocdb, has worked well for me (I'm just wondering whether @ocdb has accelerated Steem purchases)?

Why am I buying?

I like Steem, I like the community, I like some of the advantages it has over some of the other blockchains. I've been going around talking to people locally because I think the blockchain has something to offer: I think it can help us with some of the social and economic challenges we face.

I've struggled a bit with finding an easy sentence or two which sums up the essence of the potential for Steem (I don't think it's about earn rewards and take them out and spend them). The other day, I came across this paragraph in a Hell, no! post (with which I agree) by @whatsup:

Let'[s] build communities and SMTs and attract new users, let's not promise them riches, or content discovery, let's tell them to build a social platform in which they can have partial ownership. [my italics]

That's the promise of Steem.

We have some great DApps - I'd like to see more business plans that bring new or additional fiat investment in Steem; @oracle-d and @steemhunt both offer tremendous opportunities for businesses and lifestyle income. There's room for more.

Hell, yes!

What's next?

  1. Get to 10,000SP Voting Power - true double dolphin :) - by 30 June.
  2. Start to diversify my crypto holdings - the big plan for the coming year.
  3. Help to keep growing the platform - we need more than 2,500 accounts with more than 5,000SP.

There's a big move to help accounts grow to the minnow threshold - @tenkminnows initiated by @steevc. You can help with this by finding a community you like and supporting some of its members that are near the minnow threshold.

I support the #needleworkmonday community which has between twenty and thirty posts every Monday about all kinds of needlecraft. Many of the accounts are very small (but with ambition)! I'm sponsoring two members of the community, @mrscwin and @fiberfrau, with regular votes, a small delegation and some Steem Basic Income shares.

Steemfest 4 - let's go

The date for SteemFest4 has been set. It's in Bangkok, Thailand, this year - a fabulous opportunity to see a new country. Some people have already booked. I need to organise a few things, but it would be wonderful to go. The save-the-date announcement was perfect timing for the anniversary of my year of crypto-holdings.

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How about that pattern, if Steem stayed around the same price you could be looking at 15.000 SP, still congrts on double dolphin that is so awesome @shanibeer.


Good to hit a milestone :)

Congratulations Shani. As I've said previously . . . you seem to have this sorted really well. Looking forward to your 10,000 SP post! 😁

Have a fun weekend!


Thank you 😍
In the garden this weekend - hopefully danger of frost is over and all my little plants are ready to go out.


Hope you're having fun.

We had a nice day yesterday with the family and went to a birthday party in the evening where my handbag was stolen.

So today we're cancelling all our credit cards, changing the locks, blocking my phone etc. Not fun at all! 😢


Oh, so sorry to hear that, it is such a nuisance!
Hope you get everything sorted without too much trouble.


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and gifted with some virtually delicious cake
from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Manually curated by @niallon11.


Thank you @helpiecake, lovely to see you 😊

Nicely done and I like the way you set it right on the 10k mark. It's the same goal that I am working towards this year and hope to get it done by the new year. I've been tracking the progress and seen how it speeds up as you grow. I did buy some STEEM last year at the bottom but will be trying to get there organically since the 1st of January.

Congrats on getting there and quadruple dolphin soon.


Thank you, and to you, too.
You're right, growing speeds up as you ... grow 😊
Here's to a successful and satisfying future!

Way to go!!! In such a short time too!


Thank you, feels great 😎

Congratulations that’s amazing in just a year, I tend to buy up Steem in chunks as I need it - most of the time when I buy it the price does a sudden dip lol. Anyway I’m not far behind you with 9500 of my own Steem Power which is the only cryptocurrency I hold aside from a very tiny bit of Bitcoin.

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I know what you mean about that sudden dip just after you've bought! Not far for you to go now :)

Hey congratulations! It's nice to get to quintuple figures!

Thanks for the mention, and even a link too!


Quintuple! I hadn't even thought of that!

Congrats @shanibeer ! Espectacular growth! Still remember your start at Steem and @runningproject , keep doing well ;-)


Thank you 😊 You too! 💪🏃

10k in a year is pretty good going, nice one!

There is a good chance I'll be back in the UK soon and I feel I'll be able to spread the good word there a little better than here :)

SF4 though is unlikely, I was pushing the boat out last year and this year I may have to take stock of the fact that much of what I own is held here in SP :)


Thank you :)
Be good to see you in the UK - and it has been quite sunny this week!
Love your photos of Valencia, I'd like to take a trip there soon.
SF4 - lots can happen in a few months.


I didn't mention the Engagement and Curation Leagues in the post, but they helped build my confidence as a new user by providing confirmation that I was doing it "about right".

Whoop-whoop!! So excited for you @shanibeer on this great accomplishment, and looking forward to seeing you grow even more! I appreciate you, Lady, for being SUCH an inspiration! 🎉🎉🎉

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Thank you :)

I am in the same boat as you, i hope one day i will achive 10 000 Sp as well :)

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I wish you every success!

WOW, right on, mega dolphin! I hope to join you there soon! :)


Thank you - waiting right here for you!

You are an inspiration to all!

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I was very pleased to find the #needleworkmonday community, it's a lovely home!

Double dolphin is pretty cool! Good timing on the screen shot and congrats! You have been supportive of my posts and I appreciate it!
Hope you get to Thailand for the event and have some fun!


Yes - I was anxious the screen might change as I was trying to take the shot!
I really enjoy your posts, and always love the photos.
Thailand ... what a dream, I had better sort myself out 😱


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Thank you! 😍

Well done on another milestone. Your support of small accounts is very much appreciated. I am building up my voting SP so I can help a bit more. The #TenKMinnows effort has stalled a bit and needs another few pushes this year.


It's a big thing to keep going. I like what you are doing in the @runningproject community. Let us know if there are other things we can do to help.


OCD are on the case with creating Minnows this year, they have the SP to make it happen and so I still think it's an achievable target :)


That could be a big help. I'm looking for more people who just need a little push to get there. Will post about them soon.

Congratulations 🎉🍾 @shanibeer

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You got a 32.88% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @shanibeer! :)

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teach me master.

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