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Power up feels like throwing good money after bad right now.

We are down to 8/12 of the top 20 witnesses. @justinsunsteemit is an authoritarian aiming for pyrrhic victory of total blockchain control. Ignoring that he will destroy the chain in the process.

I don't like the idea of destroying someones coins. Even if you have a true hard fork resulting in two separate chains I would rather have the voting system fixed and let @justinsunsteemit keep his coins.

And yes we should prepare for a chain split. It seems to be the only way forward as @justinsunsteemit is not a team player. He sees himself as benevolent dictator. But we all know how “benevolent” dictatorships end.


Totally agree, I've got a power down going now with the intent of cancelling depending on how the next week goes.

Never know a miracle might happen.