Hive is not my cuppa

7개월 전

After a week of posting on Hive a situation occurred and I couldn't sacrifice my morals or ethics so I spoke my mind and was then targeted by a whale and had all of my rewards flagged to 0. The same bullies and cronies that were responsible for locking out Justin Sun and not being transparent about their motivations are ruling the roost there and implementing some less than reputable tactics to appeal to other bullies and fanatical communities.

I'm not upset about losing my rewards because I spoke my truth. Hive is a shitcoin anyway, but I am disturbed by the desperation and inability to be discreet about it. I will miss a few of the friends I've made there but I can't be part of such an ecosystem that uses coercion and intimidation to ensure dissidents are punished.

I'm in a very bad way financially and every bit helps but I can't sell out like that, so I'm going to see if I can flourish here and maybe grow a base that is mature enough to handle opposing views without spiteful flags and dragging. Yuck the top 20 witnesses are cretins 😂 and have a stranglehold on the ecosystem. They're still clinging to some delusion of mass adoption and can't identify with regular people that aren't living in the 1st world.


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