Just what is it like on the way up?

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I responded to an article @exyle wrote yesterday and he kind of forgot that some of us have never seen the ‘good times’


I would hazard a guess that if you opened your STEEM account BEFORE August 2017 then you did witness the ‘good times’.

When I opened my account on the 3rd March 2018, the price of STEEM was trading at $2.60.

It briefly went above $4 a month later and then started the steady decline that we are all too familiar with.

You could say that a temporary large increase of $1.40 per STEEM could be labelled a mini ‘good time’, but sadly my stake was so low at the time that it passed right over me.


Through the summer of 2018, I tried to keep up with my declining full vote. It would be at $0.20 one day and then the next it was $0.18. I bought STEEM and it was back to $0.20 for a little while.

It became a personal battle for me to keep my vote above $0.20. I’m sure @nuthman can relate to this as we have chatted briefly in the past about this very topic.

Just when it would hit the bottom?

SteemFest 3 came, the price was riding around $0.70 for STEEM and people were optimistic. Surely this would raise the price? Most of the prolific investors, witnesses, and dApp developers were in attendance. The event was buzzing with activity, how could it not go up?


It seemed the moment we all left Krakow, STEEM took another dump into some kind of freefall and within just over a month we had reached a $0.21 STEEM price.

I remember people saying, ‘If it gets to $0.07 then I'll buy loads of it and become a Dolphin or better!'

But it didn’t as this WAS the bottom.

Who bought STEEM when the price was below $0.25?

I did. I bought a LOAD of it.

Maybe it was just sheer luck and maybe this is not the bottom yet, but I feel it is.

Just a few days ago, STEEM very briefly went below $0.30 again, but it’s now approaching $0.40 again.

The question is when we are going to see the ‘real good times’. I have never personally experienced them. For all the STEEM I have bought, my full vote has never surpassed around $0.76.

In May or June 2018 I started following a ‘Big Orca’ named @onceuponatime. He was doing rather silly posts and attracting many people to comment. At that time, his comment vote at 1% was $0.17 and he was giving them out to people.


I was a little fish then and unashamedly say I was one of the attracted and a recipient of his votes.

What his motivation was I don’t know, but it was cool of him to just give something for a simple comment, especially to those who were obviously in developing countries.

He’s still about, I still follow him but the massive amount of comments he used to gain has diminished somewhat as has the 1%, $0.17 votes.

I want to witness what it is like to give someone $2 without it costing me anything. That’s a powerful gift to have. Some people live off less than that for a day.


No doubt all the leavers will return if and when the price of STEEM shoots up again. There’s been some talk about not supporting the, ‘I’m back crew’ lately because they didn’t stick it out during the hard times.

Should I take this attitude too, how about you?

If you have personally experienced, ‘What it’s like on the way up’, then drop me a comment. It’s something I can look forward too if and when it happens again.



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Well the good times were really good. When Steem was way up I had a free delegation from the generous @fulltimegeek of 5000 SP and with my SP, my 100% upvote was 3 bucks! Those times were really really good!

Yeah, I actually created my account during the middle of the good times (jul 2017), but I was so on fire with other crypto that Steem was kind of off my radar until the good times were fading.. And that, unfortunately is when I decided to buy in big.

I still have hopes for this platform; a lot can change over the next couple of years!


We can only hope things get better. I no longer seem to have that chase now to keep my vote up at least.

you motivated me to press the button lol, i'm thinking price will go lower 17c, 7 c ?. think this place needs a few more people giving out bigger votes. i'ts definitely easier to be one of the top voters these days EDIT: fk i thought it said $2.00 when i pressed it, now only $1.99 lol


it said $2.00 when i pressed it, now only $1.99 lol

That's the reward pool being depleted before your eyes! Thanks for the support @michealb, are you going to SF4 in November?


i might not sure see how we go.

I came in June 2017 and was immediately rewarded with a 500SP delegation. I didn't know what to do with it or steem, I didn't even know how to find out who gave it to me.

Oh, what I wouldn't have done to start over again.

But, yes, good times and bad, I'm here and when that 500 went away, another kind soul delegated 1000 to me to help me grow. What a difference that made. It was exciting when it was so high and the votes were amazing!

I stacked as much as I could!

When it hit rock bottom, I actually bought some, something I said I would never do. Never say never. I never powered down but, each has to do what is right for them. So many are waiting to jump ship when Dan announces the new site and in some ways, I cannot blame them, but, I really like it here and so, I have no intention of going anywhere. Unless there is nothing left here. Long story short. I won't ignore them. So many left with the last hard fork and ran over to Weku. This place was deserted. I was able to comment everywhere! :) Almost.

We will see what we will see, right? June 1 should be interesting. Even moreso because I will be out of the country and probably without internet, so I hope I don't miss anything.


Great story and a 500 delegation right from the start! You were lucky.

So many left with the last hard fork and ran over to Weku.

Do you mean HF20 or HF19? I was here for the former. It's hardly busy now!

So many are waiting to jump ship when Dan announces the new site and in some ways, I cannot blame them

We will see, anything new is shiny and bright for a while, but Im to invested here to jump.


HF 20 Oh, yes! Why would anyone stay there? Never monetized is what I heard.

Me? I will look and probably put a placecard in... I am not too invested here, financially, but, I am for all other purposes. And I like it!

I first joined in July 2017 and that December Steem climbed and I really thought I was in for even better times. I've never invested, merely blog as I enjoy writing and talking to like-minded people from all over the world but do find it disheartening to see how people who were really active have just disappeared. Should I ignore them when they return in good times or welcome them back with open arms like the prodigal son? For me it depends on the quality they bring back.
Some have gone quiet because of high demand jobs and really when one has to fight for survival, priorities cannot but change.
The question to ask is: are they good friends or are they good time friends? If they're the latter, I will probably just ignore them!


Ah so you truly did see the price of the token rocket up. But if you didn't have much stake I suppose it wouldn't have made a true difference, or did it?

Remember when TSE stated on its banner, Voting at 90c, I do. How things have changed.


I remember when TSE was voting at $1.44. I think that was our high water mark -- with a whole lot less SP than we have now. Gosh, I miss those times. A lot.

I don't, however, miss the 80+ posts in our post-promo a day -- most of which weren't worth having. (When we opened the doors ... anyone could join. We've since had to become "more selective.") It took me up to 10 hours a day to deal with TSE business -- back in the "good times."

Oh, the stories I could tell and the things I could say ... if I had time and the inclination.


Now those are the kind of facts I was looking for. I was never there, so never saw it all. $1.44 for 4000SP or so? That's bigger than I had anticipated.


Actually it was for around 2500 or so SP. We started out with basically nothing except Ethan's delegation and some bits-and-bobs from a few other people, some of whom didn't prove to be all that reliable.

We got some really, really nice upvotes from people in the early days ... with daily payouts in the $25 - $30 range for quite a while. That helped a lot. (It helped being able to rub "somebody's" nose in it, too. TBH. But that's another story.)

But, as you know ... things slid. And about the time I found I was doing the curation post, group business, etc., and we were reaping less than $5 a post, I said several times it really was hardly worth my time doing it all any more. Little did I know how bad it would get -- and stay ... and still is.

And yet -- I'm still here.


(It helped being able to rub "somebody's" nose in it, too. TBH. But that's another story.)

Ooh, the intrigue! I missed a lot of the early days, and almost ditched crypto thanks to BitConnect.

Did you know the greatest crypto ever is coming back soon?


And yet -- I'm still here.

And we are all grateful you still are. @dismayedworld wants to learn about Astrology. I'll be handing her your blog soon!

I joined just a little before you and I think I remember STEEM briefly hitting around $8. Of course I was so small that it really didn't matter. I was making next to nothing on my posts back then. It still feels like it now sometimes, but I know it is all proportional... I kind of miss being a small fish with you and trying to figure out how we could grow... :) maybe not...


I kind of miss being a small fish with you and trying to figure out how we could grow... :) maybe not...

Definitely not! I see a Dolphin growing fins...


I am hoping by next week if not sooner!

I arrived the same month as you and it was already on the decline like you said. I don't think I will support any of the old users as i was supported by one or two and they just abandoned me. I know others have moved on now and will stick to the users who I have been engaging with. They will find it a lot harder this time around as there are much bigger accounts to day compared to when I first joined.


I still have many 'dead ones' on my follow list and am tempted to purge it, if they are gone for > 6 months. Have you done anything like this?


I got rid of them months ago already as it affected the Steem UA score. I don't know if you delegate to them for a vote ,but if you do clear them out as it will help your score.


I do delegate 250SP to Steem UA and was not aware of this. How can following inactive users affect your score?


Your total account of followers is taken into the equation if they are dead they affect your score. Everyone tossed them away in October or so as there were plenty of posts on this subject.


Thanks, will have a purge and see if it makes a difference.

I think i have made more STEEM in my first 3 months when i came then i have in the next 12 months. hehe.
Im still positive. :)
I came in early February at around 5 USD Steem and it was a rough ride from there.
I actually remember all my best performing posts and they were all in the first couple months. I remember that time pretty well and i was like: OMG! OMG a lot! hehe :D
I remember a $140 vote on my "Schidlers list theme".
My first Openmic win got me around $350 and i had the "Minnowsupport Lullaby" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme both at 200$

(Now that i think about it you could say i saw the good times, even though the price was on the decline when i came. :D)


That's only a month before me, but you saw STEEM at $5 and had that great voice, whereas I was just a simple maniac, now there's the difference.

A $200 post I have never experienced either, I think $60 is about all I have seen.

You have seen more of the times than me, but not the 'going up' times, what I refer too.


Hehe. Dont sell yourself short. Its actually fun remembering those times. :)
Everything was quite a bit different and bigger.
Curie felt like a huge establishment like and dolphins were super important. There were so many people running around and everything felt bigger and more important. :)

I think its just a matter of time until we see the better times again :)


It felt a lot different then, and yet is was just over one year ago. There were barely any dApps, besides busy I think, and trying to get @curie's attention was a big thing for many.

I think I would think twice in order to give an upvote to those leavers when they will be back but, frankly, I don’t care...as far as STEEM will recover

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A 1% upvote worth $0.17 - that would make a 100% upvote worth $17.

Can you tell I got an A in GCSE maths?

As taraz has long pointed out if yer not cashing out NOW is precisely the time to be posting because you get more steem!

False economy to bail and come back later.

I like it here now it's quiet - I can't see myself being particularly in the mood for welcoming bailers back.

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I left school with a single GCSE, I doubt if you had taught me it would have made any difference.
There's still some new people arriving, including one who commented here. I'll give her a boost!

I want to witness what it is like to give someone $2 without it costing me anything. That’s a powerful gift to have. Some people live off less than that for a day.

Agreed. It’ll be something special to be able to do that and I do believe it will happen. We also joined the sane time as well. Glad to come up the ranks with ya brother.

I should purge my list of the fallen as well. Not sure I want to support those that have bailed when we could have used them.

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I should purge my list of the fallen as well

Yes, interesting what @cryptoandcoffee mentioned. I didn't see any of that last year. Just purged around 14 dead accounts.

Glad to come up the ranks with ya brother.

Likewise, see you at SF4!


word! Really hoping to make it!

Joined today. Literally today. What about Steem has made you stay?


Welcome to the madhouse, I stayed because of the people. There's a lot less of us now simply because the $$ signs's have diminished in size.

Saying that, it's a decent time to start as there's a lot less competition for the pool. You probably think I'm talking in some other language now don't you?

I gave your new post a vote. It had no votes at all, let's see if we can change that for you?

I joined in March 2017, although it was only because @old-guy-photos tipped me off about somewhere that reward my efforts . I’ve seen it all since then, the rise of the upvote bot’s, the rise in value and post rewards - I think I might have got near to $250 reward on a post around Christmas 2017.

I think we’ll see the value climb again, there is still so much potential to be made use of and Steem is really unique as a cryptocurrency.

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Looking forward to those times. At least its not going down any more, well not like it was up until last December.

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I was going to write a comment here, @slobberchops, but it got way too long! I was here for the good times and I am still here when other people think the times are bad. Here is my post about it, and I hope you like it :)


I have seen some good times, I joined Aug 1, 2017, so I guess right at the beginning of the decline. Things were changing, and never having understood crypto, or social media for that matter, I took the plunge to steemit because of my wife. She said it was different than FB, YT and Twitter. And I did find it to be different. it was fun, I found lots of things to read, lots of stories. Then there was a short drive to it seems drive the writers away, so now a few less writers.

Then I got into helping onboard new users, that was a lot of fun. Then I moved on to pictures, (new Camera), and started really having a blast. I played in steem monsters and collected some of the cards, and well thngs changed, and now moving away from it to other games, but still made some steem playing/selling my cards, so a win in a lot of ways for me.

At one point in time for like 2 days I was able to give an eleven cent vote, that was a long time ago and a lot less SP than I have now. I keep hoping prices/vote values will go up, and am looking forward to the day I can cast a twenty five cent vote.


At one point in time for like 2 days I was able to give an eleven cent vote, that was a long time ago and a lot less SP than I have now.

How things change eh? It's so different than it was just a year ago.

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I joined steemit January 2018 but it tokk me 6 months to know how it works, when I was fully ready to he on with steemit, then boom, the price went down so bad. But I still believe soon the good time will soon come

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