What is your evaluation regarding the current situation ?


Negative or positive ?

IMO, it looks positive situation after Junstin buying Steemit.Inc.

Mainly my assessment is based on the price.

We entered into the Steem Community for more profit, frankly speaking.

Decentralization is very important, because there is a belief that the decentralization end up brings us mass profit.

For me, at least, the decentralization without profit means not thing.

Why some people highlight the decentralization of Steem community ?

Because the decentralization looked to bring them more profit for them.

What I want to say is the decentralization is important, but it is only a part of Steem value.

Steem price(profit) and decentralization need to go together.

After Justin entering into Steem community, the price looks stable. For ordinary investor like me, the steem price is more important that the decentralization that had not supported the price.

Anybody can enter into steem community.

So Justin is member of steem community. He invested much money for steem. We admit his contribution. Of course, I recognize the contribution of the old witnesses who have worked hard for the steem community.

When Justin's capability and the old witnesses' experience are merged, this crisis would turn into the opportunity.

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Price looks stable because he is buying up Steem, so he can take full control of top 20 witness spots. If he achieves that, he will probably implement a hard-fork, power down, move funds to exchanges. Just my guess.

Decentralization is not just about money. Justin clearly doesn’t care about Steem or decentralization.

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Let him spend all he wants, he even sold TRON to get us to top! GOOD JOB JUSTIN! YOU'RE CLEARLY ON YOUR PATH TO GLORY @justinsunsteemit


(small edit+ at the bottom)
hm, the price looks somewhat, like slightly exactly where it was at the same stable point, oscillating between 12 and 15 dollarcents so only millionaires can turn some profit trading it (the question is why would anyone with that money spend that amount of money to get a few dollars ?

imo , in over 4 years the elder protectorate has done nothing but secure their own margins, neither steemit inc nor any of the other platforms have taken this place anywhere outside its own walls to anywhere that means anything globally , the price sunk from $7 to $0.12, considering mother BTC went up to $20 it should as an actual serious coin have stopped at around $3.5 / $3 there and wobbled around that, but it went so far down the content nazi millionnaires are the only ones who get anything from it

everyone just regurgitates what they want to hear, b/c 90% writes for the vote-sucking, not to write 'good content' (which is normal, for normal people as, as the author here says : we all came cos the frontpage said "post shit : get money")
so no one is honest, it's the biggest racket of pyramid marketeers and other hit&run ICO-types i have EVER seen on Crypton in all of its existence but we are all


yea, Sun paid a good few billions just to get to talk to Buffett in order to try and change his stance on crypto-currencies (not tron, not blockchain, not de-centralization)

the others, including the holy saint Vitalsky of Ethereum, have done basically nothing but praise their own shit into heaven and here you get about 10 people in charge of what you like to call de-centralized who have actually done nothing to get it out into the world and just try to convince everyone to bring a friend and some money b/c that will save good content ...

all i can see the price is not $7 , not $3 , its 0.12 ... it was 0.23 , ... it dipped a little bit on the takeover (which was in the media "a low" b/c i get the impression plenty people here dont even REMEMBER steem being over a dollar, let alone $7 (taken from my own observations on people i used to vote on who have stopped posting for YEARS now , that should be years, yea, two years about, plenty quit on the supreme hardfok 21/22 which was to the naked eye an obvious attempt to keep the inflation from spiralling to the point that witnessess would actually have to run nodes that didnt pay the electricity and server-host cost back while the rest got less PLUS halved PLUS free downvotes for the fun-with-flags retards who think 'downvoting is good for the eco-system'

that's what i see : they failed for four years in everything except but to stay in control, including the terrorism by the protection cartel revolving around misterdelegation (steemcleaners and the like)

Sun has a proven record and more money than any of the m combined

so yea ... my money is on Justin, definitely NOT on Justineh (a hh a ahahah)

(sunday steemday ... and i still its more time than its worth these days , you could always spell steemit with the letters scambagmarketeeringhippiecrites but now they showed : if you are a threat : they can freeze your assets like they were the fucking supreme court)


4 years : it's what the leader of the free world gets before the angry mob gets to vote again

here witness votes don't even expire ...

edit : what i forgot , or should just hit me : talking "hes gonna fork it and whatnot" ... why would he have to ? unless it has all changed they never patented it, ... its some kind of a neo-hippie-silicon thing i think, it's open source even

(unless all that has changed) so what you say is : Justin Sun does not have the billions to take the open source-code and find a few programmers who can 'hack it' (in the proverbial sense) ? why would he need a few million of crudcoins if he has the money to buy the company

in case you didnt hear of litlle sch-diddle btw :


he paid FOUR POINT FIVE BILLION to get a meeting (buffett gave it away to charity btw, thats what real whales act like)

he's worth 84 BILLION ... he never even looked at steem or steemit before ... but when EOS/block.one announces Voice he pounces on it and

piece de résistance ... who is the 'owner' of steemit inc (was) because that is the people who sold it ...

this all sounds like reasoning cooked up on discord by elder protectorate witnesses to me because its like spare change to the man ... he wants something to compete with EOS Voice ... that means REAL world, BIG money ...

and here ? they want to stay in control

so if it will be forked, i fear it will be them ... he wants to merge it ? why not ? after four years its clearly not working

i get more likes on facebook and more exposure too (if i had one cos i dont have one atm since quite some time)

i get like 25000 impressions on some graphic media on pinterest ...

someone has lost track of reality, they just wanna stay in their little pond and play little enlightened despot b/c 'here you are a whale for 100.000 dollar ...)

no ?

well that's my opinion then (if i posted for vote-sucking i'd be a lot more steemer by now, but clearly none the richer, every time i bought they sold it off the week or two weeks after and the price went lower , so i stopped doing that)

then they introduce free downvotes (no one asked me, its not a democracy after all, its 20 people deciding, with votes that can be 4 years old from accounts that are long dead)

and i have never downvoted in all the time i was here, what do i get for my free downvotes ?

well i get one little 'project' that id been working on for over a year (its nearly 2yo now) that's being zeroed out by some automated wanker

from where i stand sun can only make it better, no matter what he wants, and what he wants (quite convinced) is something to compete with EOS

that would make STEEM a real player

y'all is nuts to hang off the dicks of the elder whales like that


I agree that the overall performance of the guys on the top witness spots is below our expectations, but I think that you should individualized witnesses performance and highlight some that have been able to deploy successful projects with almost no funds such as Splinterslands.

Beyond that I totally agree that a new set of running heads are needed, IMO the most disgusting factor is that witnesses who blindly supported bidbots as a legit business model arguing that because they have "skin" in the platform, that they have "invested" here, they have the right to drive this place as they see fit... actually what bidbots did was smash the possibilities for this place to thrive, those witnesses are ranting now because a bigger fish in this pound is outweighing them, how ironic (I also am supporting those witnesses with my little stake because I don't like the way Justin is leading the transition, there's no need to force anyone to do as you wish, Justin so far has not done any better than the previous witnesses on this regard)

Well, Justin might hurt this place... He announced a token swap that would end with the end of the Steem Blockchain, that's true but those witnesses already slapped on this community face the last four years. If Justin gives some signals that he is slightly better than those witnesses (so far I have not seen such a sign, money is not the only thing that matters) I might support Justin's project... Sadly, so far Justin's project seems only to include porting the dapps on Steem to Tron (I think he doesn't fully understand that dapps on Steem are not dapps on Steemit), and I don't see why that would scenario for steemians since tronians would have a massive advantage, it's just not good business for us.

Problem is, Justin wants total control of the blockchain. That isn't going to work, and it's not negotiable IMO, to the majority of steemians. Steem blockchain can't be decentralized if it has one person dictating everything that goes on, and Justin insists on having such control. His suggestion that he have "veto" power would also amount to him having total control over everything.



What a crock of shit, no one became a witness without Freedom's vote. Everyone acted like the ninja mined stake didn't decide witnesses but it did. In fact it was the primary deciding account.

Decentralization is very important, because there is a belief that the decentralization end up brings us mass profit.

Steem price(profit) and decentralization need to go together.

After Justin entering into Steem community, the price looks stable. For ordinary investor like me, the steem price is more important that the decentralization that had not supported the price.

What is the value of a DataBase? The value relies on its integrity. The market is discovering a new type of database, the "blockchain". It's only 12 years old.

"price" is just a market process related to value, but it's a discovery process. It's not a linear and immediate equation like "price=value".

You could learn the difference between price and value researching what Warren Buffet explains regarding that matter.

The technological advantage of a decentralized database ("blockchain") vs. a centralized database means that it is also more valuable.

If you turn a blockchain into a standard database by means of centralizing it towards 1 authority, then you are destroying value.

Short time price IS NOT value. An investing strategy taking in consideration only the price is set to fail in the long term.

An even more valuable STEEM community could be achieved if the DPOS protocol evolves into a REDPOS that is less vulnerable to centralization forces, that ultimately destroy value.

IMO, it looks positive situation after Junstin buying Steemit.Inc.

You must be kidding me, right?

The only reason why price is better is due to a Justin buying more yo overthrown our governance. Splitting the chain is inevitable

I'm a bit exhausted from it all! They closed my Twitter for 2 days for "spam" lol! I was posting hundreds of comments, etc. I just want Steem to thrive and do well! I love this blockchain and community!

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I presented my point of view of the current situation and ideas how compromises could be found here.

상단을 향해 함께
사랑, 협력, 존중으로 서로를 지속적으로 지원하기를 바랍니다.
내가 보는 최고의 커뮤니티

Win-Win situation, I agree 100%.


As a business man and entrepreneur what do you see as the best way forward in this battle?


Thanks for asking, it's a very simple situation that can be solved very quickly.
Investor Justin has a business logic, he and similar brokers need liquid Steem, so he wants Power Down to last a short time. On the other hand, we have a blockchain social network - a platform that seeks stability, essentially fear and trying to preserve something old is what now dominates. To take one example, you have 300,000 Steem in Voting Power, your neighbour is selling a $ 500,000 house for only $ 150,000, you need $ 50,000 to raise and pay for such a nice investment. You don't have 13 weeks to do it, but if the power down was shorter - max 1 to 2 weeks, then you could sell Steem and raise money for a great deal. On the other hand, investing in Steem Power under the old system is no longer attractive to new investors, it all comes down to a closed circle of people. So we need a change in several directions - To move towards mass adoption through supporting projects that are more in the direction of the business and not just through the social network. Greater decentralization and democracy where investors have less influence on witness choice, simply give the community a greater level of decision-making. Setting clear goals by raising Steem value, pitching into a large number of stock exchanges, this is the part that Justin can do. We need reason here instead of ego, emotions in business should be shut off and put on the table, so we really have nothing to lose.
Negotiating team with a clear vision, aligning the business model with Justin and launching a project. Where there is a will, there are ways. Everything else is just an escape from focus and great success that can be achieved with synergy in a very short time.

I have no idea and think a lot of people are looking how to buy toilet paper at the moment

Wow 557 people voted. Yet only 1 real comment.


i left a real comment :)
I think O.o

I agree with this and would add some more thoughts to your message.

  1. in my view decentralization only leads to anarchy if no solid base has been established yet, you can only pursue true decentralization by setting up a good base in a centralized way first.
  2. Steemit does not have a solid base yet, it is not open for everybody to join. The onboarding is difficult. This needs to be fixed first and as long as you do not fix this, you
    a. Give more power through knowledge to people knowing steemit, which is reverse decentralization
    b. You limit the platform to the limited amount of people who are enough tech savy or willing to put in some effort. This is also against true decentralization.
  3. The involvement by Justin is bringing resources which can improve the platform in a centralized way, leading to a more open society and leading to a more level base knowledge base.

This is good for Steemit in my view short and mid term. The challenge is long term, when Justin / TRON needs to move Steemit back to a decentralized set up when the basics have been improved.

The big question is, will he be willing to do so. For now the involvement of Justin is helping things moving forward.

Just my humble opinion

We don't want just temporary profit. We want enduring profits. That is why decentralization is so important in the long run. We want to build something realy big and revolutionary that will stand the test of time.

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inspecting the viral code..
every new momenti we find new glitches...
yes the panic is ignored as we dig into the ZERO point...

I guess the old consciousness is going to split into another hardfork :D

I think we are now in A Fork

I a gree with you. currently steem prices are stable. hopefully with Justin, it can always bring better change for a long time. especially on price.

I'm sorry to disagree but decentralization of a blockchain is essential. Without decentralization a blockchain has no value.

I do hope that Steem and Justin can move on, come to mutually beneficial terms and begin cooperating.

Most positive thing to happen for Steem in history. Now it is Bidbot witnesses vs Sun witnesses. I just hope Sun starts voting on posts now and bring some balance to trending.

buenas @slowwalker,un saludo desde venezuela,estuve alejada pero regrese aqui a ver si me puedo ayudar ante esta dura situacion de hambre en venezuela, veo que esta alejado, un abrazo y aqui estare a ver que puedo hacer aqui .ando visitando mi gente de cuando me inicie

It's a great time for everyone to join the Farting Community, thats what I think.

I agree with you on the point that Justin might be a positive factor for the STEEM price, but if you're going to trade a stable price for a decentralized blockchain then there's no point to have a blockchain at all. Just let Justin compete with Zuckerberg then and have him create a new type of Facebookish social network...

I deeply respect your opinion, but you have to factorize that the target audience for a blockchain-based social media is one that likes decentralisation, and that it's an audience that is willing to bear decentralization's strengths and weaknesses

my evaluation

justin ludovic.png

Thank you for this post, and also to the commenters below.

I have been on STEEM for one year only and the post and comments are rich in information for me. I have been catching up for one week about the TronTakeOver. Some comments here really help me catch up.

One week ago I discovered I had been "stupidly late" about the one currency I had digital assets into.
Before the take over, I did not know things like this were even possible.

The community reaction to all this made me highly motivated for STEEM. I am part of the new game developers who knew nothing about Steem one year ago, and came to Steem thanks to Splinterlands.

I am confident it will rise and am really willing to contribute projects to it.

Even if the Steem currency went below what it was years before, the reaction inspired some people. I don't exactly understand why many projects did not attract so many people outside Steem, but I will be trying to. I think it proves that the community is inspiring. To me it sent a very strong signal.

I know I am some kind of enthusiast but there are good things to this community, and these good things were built over time thanks to so many people.

The owner of Binance CZ said that steem's price is just stable because Justin is buying up steem tokens to whatever reason he is doing @slowwalker but I think the Korean community has a big impact on how will things turn out fro steem in the future.

When would you post with this account of yours again @slowwalker?

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