The power of steemit community!!!

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In the past i posted about the direction the steem is going. Today is the correction of the price and it will not be long before it jump back up once more. I think within this week we will be going into a steady pricing of the steem which is a good thing for everyone who is involved in the steem. When crytocurrency or any stock market jumps up or down quick in the market it is hard to tell the next moves. The steadiness will be a good sign of the directions that the steem is going. A lot of individuals everyday are opening accounts it will boost up the overall value of steem. Place such as steemit is a good way to show off your talents, art or any activity that an individual might have however might not have the platform to show those to the public. Along with showing to public those individuals talents he/she can also make some currency without having to have 500 thousand or more follower on websites such as youtube. Steemit is very important because it would help to transfer value and wealth from richer countries to poor countries who might have ambition but no opportunities in making the dreams into a reality. I see a lot of potential in such innovative social media crytochain since it will help people to make the dreams possible without having to have 500 thousand followers or more like I've mentioned earlier. If you new to the community i wish you luck and making those dreams into a reality. If you like this post upvote me and see more information in the future about the direction of steem and crytocurrency. thanks pic_1ab93d62577235c65a7a7a1274794052.jpg

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@smarthamster72, very uplifting brother! We're coming into a new age of prosperity. People will be earning income from their data for once, they'll have leverage over the big corps in a way. Things are changing, and hopefully it'll be smooth and for the better.

Keep Steeming you Hooligan!


i agree things will get better threw time.


If you don't mind
Take a look ;) I think we all are on the same page

Thank for your post, it really helps. I'm new here and still learning.


Your welcome! There is a lot to learn if your interested for more information check out my older posts.

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your information is very good really if steemit is a very good help, as you say would help the rich countries to the poorest and for Venezuelans who are going through a bad situation is very helpful


Yes i think its happening even right now but it will increase in time.

Very motivation and excellent stuff for everyone and very supportive for new steemians in particular. Thank you man!


Thank you for being involved as well!

@smathamster this is what we call the correct description of steemit you nailed it and you have purely and precisely made the new commers understand the meaning of @steemit . Am one among them and i just joined the community for the same reason that i will letvmy talent to the exibition and with the hopes high that my talent will be appriciated and that will help me getting an identity in the world where no one knows me to the pulp..
Following you @smarthamester to read you other posts and am gonna follow you like you are my mentor..
Thank you very much for your help


Welcome to Steemit! I appreciate the support just like in previous posts I have made I will be informative to new people as well as old.

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Awesome Informative information. Thanks for keeping us all informed about this great #steemit news @smarthamster72 Truly appreciate it.

Thank you for observing the talent and ingenuity of many. thanks for your support


YOU welcome, keep steemit and all be nice

Good job smarthamster72

Excellent article! I totally agree with your opinion ... Stemmit is a wonderful opportunity to grow in all the senses. I follow you from now! Greetings and blessings!


You welcome.The best is coming indeed!!!

I really enjoyed this. Community is what holds this all together


Your welcome glad i can help!!!!


I am also writing about Crypto. I am obsessed with it but only got my account varified yesterday


it's nice to be in such a pleasant atmosphere. I'm also new, but I'm still looking for myself. my talent.

re steemed partly because your naame smarthamster make me giggle! Have a blessed next 24 hours!

Good post @smarthamaster,with steemits there is hope espercially to the unemployed youths without carrying files walking along streets searching for white collar job which is impossible to have one now.


Yes sir the more people know about it the better world would be. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Please check my thoughts on a crypto currency ecomomy.


I like your comment, upvoting you

thanks Smarthamster72, your successful comments become a motivating agent for those like me, we started in this fascinating world of growth and updating.

Fantastic photo,,I like it..
I want to follow you, hopefully I can learn from your success in steemit ,..
Friend,please teach me...!!

Your post is very good and I like your post

I agree with your vision. There Is no reason for poverty and debt and lack. I share your hope for a more just world. Peace.

Great posting^^

You are right, we have a lot of sympathies and this is the best way for us all to fulfill our dreams.
Thank you so much for sharing this information with us.

Great info thank you. I've only been here for about 10 days but I'm having a great experience and getting to know new and talented people and that's what it should be about :)


No problem, i like to inform the public about the direction the coins are going. If it helps me it can help others as well.....!!!

I like good your sharing. So @wefayss will give you 0.01 SBD :)

hey i am new here .please support me and vote my every post please

Nice post

Thanks for the awesome post. I have followed you.
steem is really nice.
I am also improve this site as like you..
please upvote me.
thanks again
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