Important Update for (ROI & Author-Payout Calculation)

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Our most important goal at, is to constantly innovate and enhance our services.

We take great pride in having build, incl. all services, from scratch. Through that, we are able to implement changes and improvements extremely fast, instead of relying on 3rd party developers.

After our latest post, a Steemian (@mydays) made us aware about the fact, that the SBD author-payouts have changed drastically over the last few days.

Now, before we get into the technical details:

Our Customers are Priority N°1

We've updated our vote-value calculations to make sure that every vote-buyer from (@smartsteem & @smartmarket) is getting what they paid for.

This has resulted in an (slight) increased return for vote-buyers in comparison to the old calculation (with 50% SBD & 50% SP).

On the image above, you're seeing our vote-buying interface at, which we've just updated.

You're now directly able to see how much it costs to buy votes (in USD) and how much the estimated payout is. Including the specific currencies (SBD, STEEM & Steempower).

Even though this is very detailed, it does not include outside influence (for example if the STEEM-price continues to fall).

But this should be enough for you have an overview about how much you can expect as ROI.

Also keep in mind that; as far as we know, no other service has implemented this updated-calculation right now - so make sure that you calculate the ROI yourself - or simply use

Technical Explanation

The reason for the changes above is, that the SBD print-rate; the amount of SBD you get with your author-payouts, has decreased.

At the time of this post - the SBD print-rate resides at 67%.

Screenshot taken from

SBD-Printrate Explained

Normally, the printrate should be at 100%. But due to the recent price-fall of STEEM and the resulting lowered marketcap, in addition with a high SBD-Supply; which internally is known as debt-rate - the payout for authors has changed.

Previously, authors were paid out 50% with SBD and 50% with Steempower (based on USD). Now, since the SBD-Printrate has been lowered to 67%, the 50% SBD payout is now at 33.5%.

50 * 0.67 => 33.5%

The missing 16.5% are now getting paid out as STEEM, which is calculated the same way as Steempower.

Please read our latest post, which includes calculations for STEEM/Steempower.

But generally, it should be enough to use the calculator at

To sum it up

If you're still not sure what this all means:

We've made sure that you get exactly that what you paid for from

Whether this is a bid-vote from @smartsteem or votes from our vote-sellers at @smartmarket.

Last but not least

We also increased the daily & weekly-limits for our vote-buyers from @smartmarket.

Head over to to see how many votes you're able to buy.

And that's it for now.

Thank you so much for your support!

Team Smartsteem

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Does this pay more than @minnowbooster?


It is our mission to be the best service in this market and minnowbooster is a great service as well.

Lots of info!

Thanks, it's good to see this level of detail and analysis on the actual website. Some of us do these calculations behind the scenes, and I try to explain the dynamics in my weekly MAP Rewarder posts. I hope people will become more comfortable with this type of analysis, especially as the Steem ecosystem is one big mathematical construct! :-)

interesting, might give this a try.
is it like minnowbooster in a way?


Some might say similar and others might say: totally different.

Just try our services and let us know about your experience!

Interesting, I was just explaining this to brandonfrye, when i ran into your article. I had to stop using bid bots because 10% after curation wasn't enough. If everyone makes this change, bots will again be profitable.


Our advertising-market: @smartmarket, is always one of the most lucrative and fairest service in this market.

you always share such updated information of crypto market.
I am always appreciate it.
thanks a lot for sharing such an informative post.

Samrt innitiative dear......

Thanks for the information, I really thinks it`s very importan to knowall about it.

Thank you for the update. very helpful!

Currently you are giving profit for us, thank you for that. We know we can't control steem and sbd value. Also, it’s default to calculate positive ROI %.

Every time, every moment will change values of all coins. But you try to give best for your customers. Your service always gives profit to vote buyer. No doubt about it but we don’t know what append after 3.5 days!

The only problem is currently steemit not giving 50% sbd. This is the only reason for our loss.

if sbd supply reduces, We are losing more and more

We get 1 $ valuable steem for 1 sbd , than we lost 0.35$

01 sbd value = 1.35 $ (bittrex) current price
01 $ valuable steem = 1.00 $

lost for every sbd = 0.35 $

Ah! SBD print rate explains a lot of things. I was considering not using "buy upvotes" since it seemed like I was losing money. Thanks for the explanation and update. 👍🏼
Will help me do better calculations :)


a veces no entiendo porque se pierde tanto dinero en las inversiones

I have registered in sell votes, how does it work?


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Ohh! It's great uodate! I have two questions now:

  1. Is it possible to make such calculator for estimated payout for vote sellers?;
  2. If the situation on the market will changes, can the ROI be increased? And in which case it can happen?

Very good post, and good luck for you

Did you read my comment below your previous post?

I believe there was another mistake in the previous calculation. While you assumed the Steem price dropped, you where still calculating with a pay out as if it didn't drop.

I like to see confirmed that I got this right?
Or why I had it incorrect?

I would also feel happy if anyone else checks this?!?

me encanta esta idea amigo admiro mucho este bot saludosss

as a regular vote buyer, thanks for the explanation :)

was there a post regarding the drop in ROI? it used to be 22%+- then 18% .. then now 10% ... i'll like to read more about that..


We are constantly balancing the ROI for our buyers and sellers. 10% fixed ROI with our updated calculations is a very fair deal in our eyes.


ah okay, thanks for the info :)

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You have a link to discord?

I'm really appreciate yours intents and every search for improve the system. Congrats @smartsteem @therealwolf and team! All the Best! You have my support!

This post made me aware of your project and it seems like a really valuable tool for many people. I love how much detailed information is accessible. Is anyone else worried about the situation with the STEEM value at the moment? I was looking at data regarding the value of STEEM over the past year and even though it was at high in January this year it seems to be crashing really hard.

good to learn there are such service available

I want to buy votes, but don't know the procedure. Can you please help me? @smartsteem

"My name is Truce and I use smartsteem. Im also a Crypto comedian."


Great news thank you @smartsteem

saludos todos a seguir las instrucciones

Its nice to hear that customer is your first priority

Definitely good to have more transparency with these things, good work!


Definitely good
To have more transparency
With these things, good work!

                 - feralblowfish

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Thanks for the explanation, how do we get more stars?
I'm still at 1 start since I joined 3 month ago.

Thanks for the update. I'm not one to complain so I just stopped using it awhile when the payouts didn't seem to be as high. I'll return to using this again now. Although with the decreasing payouts I seem to have lost a lot of SBD.

Hey, just want to ask about SP Delegation: I have delegated 200 SP to your profile, but when I check on the smartsteem delegator, it shows zero?

Also, how long does it take to receive the first payout from delegation?

I love that bot, you have to be in the vanguard and understand that kind of information very well, thanks for sharing that very useful information

hi @smartsteem
how are you?
nice post, i like you..and something good from you..the best!
Ranging from small to adult community participate in developing togetherness in steemit sophistication.

Hi @smartsteem,

I have a question on payout , Here is the case, I have delegated some SP to SMARTSTEEM and MB ,, in MB I can see daily payouts but there is no payout made in case of SmartSteem.. anything i m missing out? kindly suggest


it should be auto payment !


Payments for delegations are made automatically as soon as you've reached at least 0.4 SBD / STEEM.


Oh Thanks for the information, how can I check the amount accumulating every day ? as well is there an option to go for daily payouts instead

what a great update ^^ I will gladly inform my fellow steemians in this wonderful news thanks and God blessed.

Thank you @smartsteem / @therealwolf this is brilliant. One step closer to a greater understanding of the mechanics of the STEEM BC. I appreciate your education. I notice the print rate is now 62%. This is fascinating.

I want to understand how payouts are estimated as I plan to write an app that needs this (not a voting bot). Do you have a link to how the calculation is actually done?

Why is the exchange rate for steem vs sbd going down if the sbd supply is so high? A week ago I was getting 1.4 sbd/steem and now it's at 1.3.


Thank you very much @smartsteem!
I appreciate your fair and honest service very much!
Thank you for the updates and have a wonderful day

wow.interesting.can try

Congratulations @smartsteem!
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@smartsteem, I just used your service for the first time today and was pleased with the results. I also decided to delegate a small amount of SP. Thanks for your dedication to helping everyone get a piece of the reward pool.

Hi, i just paid 13 sbd to this post as memo through steemmarket and the upvotes seem not to get in...please send it back if it can.t be upvotes..thank you.

I have question..can we earn free streem power..or i have buy some ?

You guys truly offer an impeccable Service. Thank you for giving us a very simple to understand way to understand the PrintRate System and your Adjustments to improve vote rewards