Steem experiment: Burn post #7

4년 전

January 21 post for burning rewards. Same rules from:

Tomorrow the first post in the series will reach payout and the buy-and-burn process will begin.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I'm still on the fence about this. Yeah it's suppose to take away from over valued post, by lowering the amount distributed and cause of inflation, but at the same time, this are all potential reward votes, that instead of being burned, could go to minnows, but now they get even less as well.

If people actually took the time to go through content and up vote it, get of trending, etc., instead of just lazy upvoteing post like this, and other trending complaining post IE: walk the walk, not just talk the talk, these issues wouldn't even be present.


If people actually took the time to go through content and up vote it, get of trending

I gave up on that. Look at the amount of comments and compare it with the views and the upvotes. Too many people gaming the system.

Proof of burn

Author reward 245.307 SBD, and 40.541 STEEM POWER for smooth/steem-experiment-burn-post-7

Sold 245.307 SBD for 266.156 STEEM on internal market

Total burn of 40.541+266.156 = 306.697 STEEM

What tips to get on this platform give someone who is starting but who has a lot of talent for photography? greetings friends <3

Now that's one ghetto hotfix.


hahaha, good way to put it.

I need your vote and follow back.


You need his vote? What happens if it doesn't come?


He will become a very sad Panda.

Somehow it is exiting. Burning money is somehow ritualistic - like in Eastern religion where you burn money at the temple.

Tomorrow I will make you a small icon that can be used for these posts to celebrate.

(Danish midsummer night bonfire.)

I can't sleep because I am so curious about you And the smooth alphabetical accounts! Like rich is real hahaha. I wish you were real. Visit me in my dreams. My goodness!

It'll be a great day for you and the rest of us, we the young steemians member got your back, keep it burning

Can I be enlightened on what this is really about?. I'll appreciate the gesture

let the reward begin

very interesting your proposal,,
although I do not understand it very well I could explain it better in your next post, thanks.


there is forgiveness and I got into your blog and I saw the other publications sorry I will read all to understand it.

Interesting concept, Smoooth...
We do have a "rate of inflation" here, and always will. According to the whitepaper at least, but it allows for changes to the decreasing inflation rate LOL
What a string of gobbledygook I could write based on those :P

I think this could be a probable positive for Steem and Steemit.

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I actually do that on a smaller scale with promotion. For me, Steem will be valuable the day we will get a lot of reference from the outside world, like reddit, twitter or facebook. I guess we won't have the choice but to get better when a real competitor(blockchain based social media) will emerge.

someday, i'm gonna be whale.