A referral program is a must to attract influencers to the platform.

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Just watched @dollarvigilante's talk at steemfest. I agree totally with him, the 3 key things are:

  • Marketing ( steemit still uses old logo on twitter account, another fail sadly, we are very bad at this...)

  • Sign up process/ apps needs to be as good as facebook ( fast, user friendly, etc..)

  • Attracting more influencers to join ( people are brainwashed, they will only do something if their idol does it)

Regarding the last point I wrote this post many months ago https://steemit.com/steem/@snowflake/unleashing-the-power-of-wom-could-a-decentralized-referral-system-be-possible

A referral program will be a huge incentives for people with lots of followers to talk about steemit.

I'm glad that @ned seems to agree

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 14.30.00.png

We only have to make it happen!

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Steem will be on the moon if this referral materializes.

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I like the refferal idea but not with the money on it. I am also scare that it looks more scamy than it is right now...
When I tried to attract on Steem some of my friends (Youtubers with + millions of views) they all told me " What are you going to win if I join " and "Winning money just by posting on Internet should be a scam ".
Maybe people think that if they come on the plateforme because of you you will win something (money) on their back... and people don't like that. This sounds scammy/ponzi/what ever.
Maybe Steemit Inc should make a inquiries about it before starting a refeferal program to find the one that will not scare the people.
But anyway... this is business and it will probably works...


To be honest I think people asking ' What are you going to win if I join ' will not join whether your answer is a lot or nothing, those who are genuinely interested don't ask this kind of question, they just go straight to the stuff that matters.
Referals can also be opt out so users are not forced to register with those links but if they do they help the person who refered them. I see referals more like a way to support someone, if you want to support your favorite youtuber you register through his link.
Many succesfull app use referals programs, but they call it "invite friends" , like uber does, it doesn't have to look scammy if you implement it properly but I see where u coming from.


I totaly agree with you ! Airbnb/Uber/ and so many others plateform (even Amazon) use referal link / Affiliate link and it's not scammy but Steem... It's not as well known yet (but OK, we should start somewhere). The main problem is that on Steem it's like " free money coming from nowhere ". Airbnb/Uber and all theses plateforme we know / understand their business model. This is the big thing with crypto business, people are not yet ready to believe in it (already in crypto... I can't tell you how many people told me ' this is fake money' ).
For me , we need support from Steemit Inc to support promo / educating -steem in the real life and this will bring more and more people (with then, referal link). But first people need to understand where the money comes from explained by people they trust...


Like you said it's a perception issue not an affiliate program one.

As much as I love affiliate marketing and would love to see some sort of system in place for the avg. steemian, I really think we need to drive home the 'adoption' of influencers from sites like twitter, youtube and of course, reddit.

We can do this by maybe having a closed ref system/invite influencers to be steemit affiliates and call them The STEEM-BASSADORS


I like the term steem bassadors. Makes it sound more professional and business oriented.


Yeah i Think it would be a great initiative for steemit to really focus on the movers and shakers of content and getting them over her

I have some friends left after used it for a few times. They felt it was too complicated, not user friendly like Facebook!

All the three points are totally legit! The sign up process needs to be smoother and steemit needs to be more user-friendly like Facebook. Also, the reason why people do what their idols do is because their idols aka the influencers are the ones making money. If popularity and quality are the criteria for a thing to go into the trending and hot categories and not who is behind it, I'm sure people will actually pay attention to what's good and high quality.

I definitely think a referral programme would get more users onto the platform I have a fairly large following on instagram and would love some kind of incentive to get my audience over here