EOS is a competitor to ETH, not STEEM imo

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Just came accross this post from @davebrewer and wanted to give my opinion on this.

To me EOS is competing with ethereum not steem, let me explain why.

Even though EOS will allow steemit type app to be built very easily I don't think many developers are going to build such apps simply because steem's business model is new,risky and many simply don't understand it. This is why no one has used the steem code base to clone it after steemit inc open sourced it.

Another thing is that I don't think a solo app like steemit would be able to sustain its value long term unless they use ads or something. Steem is a lot more likely to have a higher price than an app like steemit simply because it's going to power a whole ecosystem not just one app.

That's why I think developers who want to build apps with the same reward structure/model as steemit, such as appics are going to use steem because they will be isolating themselves on EOS. They would have to innovate a lot more if they want to succeed and won't benefit from the steem network effect. On steem a viral app will prop up many other apps.

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Steemit is the first one, just like Bitcoin, the first of decentralized cryptocurrencies.

I agree, in fact, many define it as the nemesis of eth. I strongly believe in this coin!

  ·  4년 전

great stuff fella. :}