I feel like more transparency about the @steemit account is needed.

4년 전

Wasn't this account supposed to fund steemit/steem projects? The reason I am asking is that they havn't spent any of the steem in that account for 2 months...So it seems abit weird considering we are right in the developement phase..

Also I hate to say but until steemit redistributes those tokens either by reselling on the market or by air dropping then steem will only be seen as a centralized joke to speculators/investors...

I think we need to start more discussions about this account, I don't care that steemit is filthy rich my problem is that they are hoarding it instead of selling.

EDIT: looks like some of it is being spent via @steemit2. I still think they own way too much to call steem decentralized and would like to see this account powered down more often..

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There is some Steem moving around from that account. A month and a half ago 5 milllion STEEM exactly was transferred to @steemit2. Since then @steemit2 has transferred to:

  • @alpha - under control of @blocktrades, the crypto exchange in case anyone doesn't know
  • @layz3r - a Steemit Inc. employee
  • @goldibex - looks like a Steemit Inc. employee or bot account
  • @slushy - for sign up delegations, but no evidence of that
  • @gandalf - for sign up delegations
  • @roelandp - prominent witness and SteemFest organizer, explicitly for SF

And 3 months ago they transferred 2 million STEEM to @steemit2, but I don't have time to trace the next level of transfers there too.

That's pretty transparent, though the intention is not clear. Some of it is getting sold I think, but I didn't check that fully either.


I didn't notice this. I will edit my post accordingly.

What about the millions moved to @misterdelegation? That has delegated over 5 million. You can see who to on steemd. Seems to be to some good projects. It's also voting a bit and getting the usual begging messages

Airdrop is a good idea :-)

Upvoting other people won't hurt, even just a little %. It could solve Steemit world hunger problem. Steemit elites are psychopaths now or what. Lack of empathy?


When a whale votes the money is taken from everybody else's vote.
If all the whales vote our votes go to near zero.
Better that they stay out of the rewardpool, then our votes might make it back up to a quarter, imo.


Very true that! We had that situation during "The Experiment" when whales beyond a certain size stayed away from distributing the reward pool. This left much more influence (AND incentives) for the individual non-whale curators.


Half of the value of my vote has gone to increased rewards for the 1%.

The top accounts can't vote without noticeably lowering the value of everybody else's votes.
But they have made it clear for over a year, that they don't care and are happy to float along on the backs of dupes.

Yeah! Stinc rules!

Hi @snowflake,

Thank you very much for bringing up issues important to steemit to open the eyes of the sleepy (if they are awake, they may avert their eyes though!)

Another reason I wanted to thank you is for your honesty and transparency in your post Enter a whale's mind. It inspired me to write a post about the issue of whales and minnows.

I would appreciate your visit and comment, and although I am hopeful for an upvote, I am not going to have my hopes high since there is no incentive for you to do so ;D

Anyhow, I feel that those who were opposed to what you said, should understand how minnows feel, when their actions don't fit their words.

Hope to see you around soon :)

Finally someone started mention about that account. Decentralized with an account hold 77 million steempower

If they sell it steem goes on 10 cents again and everyone is sad. That's why they are hodling.


Only users with a short term projection will be sad. Those of us who are here for the long haul don't care what the price is now or will be in a few months, 10 cents would be a great opportunity to scoop up some cheap steem again.

I think it is a little premature to assume that control cannot be taken away by an attacker, i would presume that an overwhelmingly powerful account would come in handy in that situation.
Besides, what behavior from stinc has led you to believe that they wouldn't just give all that to their friends, too?

When a whale votes it's vote value comes from everybody else that voted.
Courting more whalevotes is suicidal, imo.
You can already see that minnow vote value has dropped by more than 50% since delegation got going, curation rewards, too.
The people that are here to maximize profit at any cost are cancer cells inthe ecosystem, and until the body politic runs them out on a rail, the status quo will continue,imo.


I think it is a little premature to assume that control cannot be taken away by an attacker, i would presume that an overwhelmingly powerful account would come in handy in that situation.

Someone with 80M SP available to take over the network will have no problem finding an extra 80M and render the steemit acc moot.


Maybe, if he can get that much without driving the price to $100, at that point I will have cashed out and will be waiting for the crash to get back in.

As this place finds it's 'self', I think we will find that there is not room for fedbook amounts of users, but I'm not 100% on how the math works as the price rises.
I can tell you that we will not get the little guys to stick around as long as 10 people give out 30% of the reward pool, daily, to their favorites.

Best, imo, that the top 200 sp accounts stop voting now and just ride out the rise on the backs of the hundred dollar investors buying into the new rage.
If we are waiting for the 100,000usd investors we may find that they never come because they got their own boys clubs to be members of,...

I know right? If they aren't going to do anything with it put that stuff in the reward pool and lets have an upvote party.

Seriously though. I'd like to see them sold so they are in circulation.

Oh...there is an account to support Steem/steemit project...... Good to know. Steemit Inc really should start to support great content creators (all of them not only few of them) / community builder and avoidto support only investors and puppets.


nice post.

this post !! @snowflake

brilliant - this community is all about transparency and trust.

Great question and I hope we find the answers we want!!


Its better to hodl it for its price go stable.

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