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I need someones help. Can anyone explain me this:
Under my blog post it says that have just got an author reward of $0.98. I was set 100% into steem power. I checked my wallet rewards section where I saw that from that post I received only 0.216 steem power. How can 0.98 SBD be equal to 0.216?
Why 0.98SBD converted into 0.216 SP? 1SBD = 6usd, which is aproximetely 1.2 STEEM. And 1.2 STEEM = 1.2 SP. Then why I received only 0.216 STEEM POWER? It's not that I care about the money, but because I want to work on my steemit long term and I need to know how it works. And as far as I see it works wrong for me...unless someone can prove that I'm wrong.


That 0.98 is not SBD but USD


Oh...thanks buddy, that makes a lot of sense now:)


Chose 50/50 rewards and sel sbd for steem and then power up.

Love your work on Steemit. I am new and woould love some advice. Please

please vote me @darmian23

Cool video @snowflake look forward to seeing more. OH and thanks for upvoting my last article. Much appreciated!

Plz help upvoting plz

Thanks dude for sharing such vast info... really helpful for a beginner like me in steemit! Cheers!

You're an inspiration! I just joined this great platform last 2 weeks and I'm hoping to be like you someday. Great job you're doing on steemit sir.