The implications of blockchain tech are staggering

3년 전

Ok I'm sure by now you already know this, but I was amazed recently when I watched a video of @ned on oracles were he explains how they could allow steem to reward real world actions.

This could potentially shift the whole job structure, basically you would be paid by the blockchain for doing contributions in the real world.

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Yeah, Blockchain tech is really undervalued right now - Blochchain & VR are the two huge "wings" of the internet. Welcome to the future :)

Thanks for pointing this out.
Still finding my way around this reality.
Seeing what it means to create good content and how to make plankton happen.
If you have some time, and want to lend some support to a minnow, take a look at my blog and give me some pointers.

Worth watching 💞

Link for the video?

Interesting idea for sure @snowflake. I imagine this could really kick of in here in South Africa and other developing countries.