Are you still buying STEEM?! I am!

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Dear reader - Steem has been renamed to Hive since May 2020. My content therefore has moved with me to Hive, and I hope to see you there:

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@soyrosa, if I'm not mistaking, you are Dutch, right?
Do you live in The Netherlands?
If so, there's a much simpler way to buy Steem, without having to take the extra step of exchanging?

I've described it in my comment here;


Oh wow - thanks @itisjustme! That's a super valuable comment you're treating me with here! Thanks! Never heard of that one... I checked the price of that service with coinmarketcap and the difference is reasonable...

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 15.51.39.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 15.51.25.png

About 0,005 euro difference :-) Thanks again! I'm certainly going to use this one :D


Almost forgot to give you a 100% upvote for this awesome comment <3 You rock!

I'm a little jealous and a lot proud when I see good Steemians buying STEEM right now. I wish I had fiat, I would be buying for sure.

Good luck to you!


Eh - I know! The "I wish I had... [random number in euros]" is going through my mind often. This was only a buy of 250,- and I wish I could've added a zero to that number, so I'd feel I'd be able to make a real difference on some people's posts. Still, I'm happy I can do what I do - am trying to earn some FIAT so I can keep buying for as long as STEEM is below one dollar.

We share the same mindset.

If we don't buy now then...when? We might haven't seen the bottom yet but I have a feeling we are close....and the lower it goes the more I'll keep purchasing.

Building up your account for the future has never been easier. Great move you made there if you ask me.


If we don't buy now then...when?

Exactly. You can always wait a little longer but you never know... The price might just go up and then you'll regret it. I've bough all my STEEM below 1$ so I will never feel any regrets. Next 'target' I have in mind is 15 cents... If it gets there I'll buy more. If not I'm content with when I bought :-)


I am selling some cards on steem monsters to get steem. Today I powered up 3000 Steem. I can't wait to see it is going up and I am hungry to sell when it reaches the peak.


You're doing great @azizbd! I read your post, congrats with your Dolphin Status! It's a true milestone and it takes a lot of work to get there if we can't buy in :-) Cheers to you!


Thank you very much. Yes. I earned all of my online money just from steemit and didn't invest real money here except recent buy of 30 steem.

I’m not exactly buying STEEM... but I’m certainly still STEEMing! I love these prices because the posts earn much more STEEM these days... when we look back on this time down the road we will be thankful that we kept on chugging along! If STEEM makes its way back to a few dollars, these posts will be much more valuable !

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Yes yes yes! I love that you're still STEEMing @jeffjagoe! We're growing our accounts now so we can drool a little bit to our account values when prices go up ;-)


Won’t be too long ;)

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I was so happy a new month came buy to buy my monthly bag of STEEM this week! I even used some to buy some Steem Monster cards in the market! It is great to see one’s account grow everyday now as it is feeling like better distribution is finally going around which will lead to better value for the ecosystem.

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I've totally seen some very cool and dedicated Steemians buy in and that excites me. The dollar values below our posts are deceiving... When the prices go up it will be more easy to 'see' how much many of us have grown. Love that you're still buying and SteemMonster cards are an amazing investment as well. Good for you! (And indirectly, you growing is also good for me!)

I've been buying all the way down like yourself which is great to see. I've decided to stop for now unless the price goes near to 10c which i hope we won't see anymore. The price and the market seems to have leveled off a bit which would be nice to hold at for a while anyway. There is still great value to be had below 30c and if i had spare money I would buy thousands.

I think that as long as we are patient and the platform keeps moving in it's current direction then we will see a large return on investment at some stage. Until then all we can do is keep earning and keep improving the blockchain in whatever way we can.

The dream would be to someday be able to hold my SP and just sell the weekly earnings for enough to live on. 20 STEEM a week at $10 would be enough to survive.


I've decided to stop for now unless the price goes near to 10c which i hope we won't see anymore.

I'm thinking the same, maybe 15 cents, but yeah, a significant new drop will give me one last change to grow my account - 10.000 STEEM would look good, right? I'd feel like a big fat Dolphin instead of a baby Dolphin ;-)

And ohhh yes, the dream of living off of Steem... 20 STEEM a week at 10$ would be a significant change in my life as well :-)

Let's wait and grow and see if we can get there! If we all work hard on this amazing place we will, for sure :-)

Thanks for sharing and reminding others the opportunity that we now have. When I first joined steem, I never thought I would be able to power up to dolphin level, $4 X 5,000 was $20,000 in one coin/project. That seemed steep.

Today at $0.3 or below, that costs only $1,500!

I have some liquid steem on exchanges, I am waiting to see which way this market goes before buying more.

I did rush in at the beginning, so if it drops further, it's a great way for me do dollar cost average my total cost.

The bear market has been great for putting more steem into hands of the third generation of steemians. They seem to be slightly more measured and less likely to fly off the handle. We need some more steady hands on this ship before we take it to the moon and beyond!!



I know! For many 1500$ is still a HUGE amount of money, but it certainly is way more easily achievable than 20000$, which is more or less half a years salary in my country.

I recognize wanting to 'rushing in at the beginning', but since I really don't earn any FIAT right now I had a bit more anxiety to buy in with the bit of savings I have left. So my first buy was bellow 1$ which I had set as a 'goal' with which I could make some difference to my account. Now a buy at 0.27$, and I decided only to buy more if STEEM gets below 0.15$.

We need some more steady hands on this ship before we take it to the moon and beyond!!

Hear, hear!

PS: Did you consider keeping the STEEM liquid in your Steem wallet? I know we tend to trust the better functioning exchanges but there's zero guarantee they will keep your STEEM safe <3


It's easy to forget how little fiat funds most have. Even in the UK, 17m people have less than £100 in savings! That's crazy and very worrying, it shows our current economic system has left so many living hand to mouth.

I think if it falls to anything below $0.15, I may consider orca-ing up. But I think we have seen the lows, maybe another bounce of the $0.20 level before it goes back up. The bear market has focused a few minds and I am seeing real constructive discussions amongst people here on the steem blockchain.

I keep liquid funds in a few other steem accounts for security, but with the low volumes for steem on the exchanges, it could spike really easily, so have some sell orders to take profits and stack some coins - that's the plan anyway... lol

Hey ya. I agree. I bought 1000 just about a month ago. Which means you are way smarter than me, but I KNOW I made a good buy and you made a great buy.


Hehe - I'm not smart, just veeeeery patient, not knowing if STEEM goes lower, simply deciding only to buy if it goes lower. I bought below 1$ and now below 30 cents, it was a good and then a better buy. Who knows if I can do my 'best' buy in the future or we're just going up up up from here ;-) Cheers!

"STEEM is now as cheap as I feel while flying Ryanair."


"Dirt cheap" - Lol. Last time was to Kraków ;-)

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Haha - Je bent de eerste en enige die ook heeft opgemerkt dat ik ziekjes ben! :D Het enthousiasme over het kopen van STEEM doet mensen vergeten ;-) Dank!

Im buying as well
Small amounts but surely

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Awesome! I'm very happy to hear @moghul!

I'm not powering down, so that has to count for something.


Absolutely! Not powering down/selling Steem really helps with stabilizing the price! :-)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

heyyyy nice that you're buying! Wish I could, but for now I just have to keep building via posts....much slower, but it is what it is =/

Feel better!!!!


Well, the good news is, you get a lot of STEEM for Steeming at the moment! And don't think I actually have money, buying STEEM means no winter coat for me this year :')

(Probably why I'm sick :P)

Feel better!!!!

Thanks! <3


that is true =) I enjoy claiming my rewards these days haha. But careful girl, no winter coat is no joke!!! Stay warm

I wanna but Bittrex froze my musicoin wallet I can't 🙈 and I'm out of fiat now and the 25 euro I wanted to invest is locked by I want to send it to steemit but something is going wrong.

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In a week or so my budget will be filled again so it's good. 😁

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I am feeling the same way too.
Buy more steem
Keep on postin

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Wh00p! Buy Steem. Keep Posting. It's the best mantra you can have @pouchon - glad you're here with me! :-)

Have the money, but need to get a job first. Don't know if the money I have is needed in the future as I don't know how long the job hunt will go on for! Yet, once my first month salary comes in, expect me to buy in 😉

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I hope you are feeling better, get well soon! To answer your question, I'm not buying steem with fiat but I'm doing everything I can to earn as much as I can and grow my account. Now is the time.

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When i got to this platform almost a year ago steem was way over a dollar. I remember buying it and everytime thinking, i just spent XX amount of money and thats all the Steem I get.
Now when i buy it i always think WOW!!! I get SOOO much Steem for that little bit i bought. I couldn't afford to buy it when it went over $3. So right now, I'm in heaven. PLUS with Steemmonsters making it so easy to Steem for free I've tripled my SP in just over a month. Hoping to be at 1000 by the end of January. And 2500 by February's end. And i really think it will be doable....unless Steem prices go up a bunch.😁 Which I'm okay with too. I hope you get to feeling better, and that your werk turns out to be an awesome one.

After reading through your comments i have decided...


I love your positive mindset and love of the community. You get a gold star sticker for all your hard work.
Okay, so I gave you a lot of them. It's okay, because i think you deserve them.
And good luck to getting to your "feeling like a fat dolphin" stage.😂🤣😂🤣

I'd buy a ton as well if I weren't broke as hell Hahahahahaha, but some things will change on my channel throughout 2019, more focused on helping others, so I'll possibly work a 'regular job' so I can buy some to make my effort relevant.

Thanks for inspiring us!

i did buy some, around 550, but currently not. i probably would if it was easier. if i could by for 2-3 eur some days i would, but the process is not that easy so, maybe if i can get some fiat at the side...

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