Windows x64 binaries for Steem v0.14.2 (MinGW)

4년 전

I've cross compiled steem v0.14.2 for Windows using arhag's guide here: Compiling Steem for Windows.

Please note that this build is not recommended for mining steem on windows, sometimes it will crash if you use it for mining, also hashrate is slightly slower compared to MSVC version built by bitcube.

Steem Windows

Patch Notes for Steem 0.14.2

Hardfork is scheduled for Tue, 20 Sep 2016 15:00:00 UTC

This release fixes some bugs found in 0.14.1 related to canceling withdraw from savings and declining voting rights. (Full Release notes...)

Download Links:

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Latest build is here:
I'll host my pre-compiled binary on github for the next release..

This is so great! Please re-steem and upvote!

What build is recommended for mining steem on Windows? Is that even possible?

Спасибо, а то я замучилась искать компилированную версию

Thanks a lot for the Windows binary @steem-id :)

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  ·  4년 전

Is there any software for windows to mine steem?


Not yet...