A much needed campiagn - Continued..


Since we started this campiagn the only seen progress we saw was the amount of resteems and votes on our post. Its been 5 days and the amount of votes we got were 140 votes, did anything changed?

A big No !!

Group 19.png

That is why we are reposting this:

To all those who havent utilized their voting right, please vote for witness that are active, to all those who haven't unvoted disabled and stale witness, please remove those votes and give it to any active witness.

To all those who want to help us reach everyone present here, please resteem this post , and please translate it in your local community language so that this campiagn can get effective.

The list of top witnesses that are disabled or stale are as follows:

Group 23.png

Click here and in filter, click enabled, which will show you enabled witness list. Please vote only enabled witness!!


If you like what we are doing please support our witness

Group 11.png

Vote for Our Proposal

Assign us your Voting Proxy

Group 14.png

@steemitblog and @curator01, while you guys are doing the 100 days contest, we believe you forgot to look into your own house, remove Steem Chat from steem's main homepage.

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I get your good intentions but anyone can see the 8888 witnesses aren’t community driven! There are good guys who tried to be witnesses and got kicked out most people who had stake to try and balance this are selling off so even if you were 100% successful on reaching all independant steemians it wouldn’t be enough to make a change to the witness list


there are witnesses who are still operating on 0.22.5 , you can vote them as well

we are also running 0.22.55 , @hashkings is running that @canna-curate is running that

Dear @steem-supporter

Why would anyone really CARE about voting on witnesses? Give me one reason ? I personally don't see any.

Yours, Piotr


Well , it depends on how you think your responsibility, expect for those users who are making the most out of the fork which almost doubled the money . ,,if you care for steem , you need to help stabilize the chain .

there wont be any steem without Witnesses


Dear @steem-supporter

Voting on witnesses is not a "responsibility" :)

It's meaningless privillage. One that majority of users most likely simply do not care. After recent hard fork and all those proxy witnesses (justins witnesses) my strong believe is that not many users care about voting on any witness any more.

there wont be any steem without Witnesses

That's not the way I see it. Witnesses had very little meaning in the past, and it's absolute joke in current days. And you like it or not - that's just the way it is. Nothing witnesses will do make any difference any more.



Different people have different beliefs in different things . . I respect your honesty

  ·  작년

Hello there my friend. I am on APPICS now. Please let's support the Steem platform where we had this great opportunity to become awesome. Thanks in advance.

Hope you still remember me.


I surely remember you @fycee

It's just I'm not sure how your comment is related to my own comment and this post :)