The Steemit Podcast [Ep. 2]: Oracle-D

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This is Episode 2 of The Steemit Podcast series: Decentralized Entrepreneurship and Marketing, hosted by me, @andrarchy, Steemit's Head of Communications, and featuring the company Oracle-D which is dedicated to building organic blockchain communities.

The Series

The goal of this series is to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and developers prepare for a future that is being rapidly disrupted by decentralized technologies. Although we are members of the Steem community, this series is intended for anyone who is considering building a tech business, not just Steemians. The goal is not to shill our blockchain as the perfect solution for every scenario, but to leverage the unique insights we have as a blockchain team with a functional product to elevate the conversation and improve the signal-to-noise ratio in the space.


In Episode 2, the founders of Oracle-D share the insights they’ve gained building multiple products in the blockchain space from their Steem account creation service, to their organic community building platform,

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Matt Starkey, CEO of Oracle-D built his career in the oil and gas industry managing multi-billion dollar projects. As an early cryptocurrency adopter, Matt turned his passion for blockchain technology into a company focused on funding decentralized humanitarian and community projects in a fully transparent way.


Matt’s Co-Founder and CTO is Dylan Leighton, a polymath and radical thinker who meshes technology, psychology, philosophy, economics, and game theory in his work for Oracle-D where he aims to change the way humans interface with the blockchain, and other emerging technologies, forever.

Building a Blockchain Business

If you’re interested in blockchain entrepreneurship, we highly recommend listening to the interview in its entirety as it’s filled with priceless knowledge from arguably two of the earliest blockchain entrepreneurs. In the blockchain space we have plenty of engineers building protocols that they claim are going to revolutionize the world, but few succeed, and even those aren’t real businesses. Matt and Dylan aren’t building a new blockchain, they’re building a business, one with multiple products and multiple paying customers. That’s what we believe this space really needs and what motivates us when we think about where the Steem blockchain, and, should go in the future.

In this interview Matt and Dylan generously share many of the insights they’ve gained while bootstrapping a startup in this volatile industry. If you prefer listening to or watching shorter excerpts, we will be releasing clips on YouTube along with other video content, so be sure to subscribe to Steemit’s YouTube channel.

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@Oracle-d has got a structural framework that always seem to amazing me, I've never experienced crowdsourcing at it's best until I met oracle-d, it's empowerment for tasks and jobs, something no blockchain will ever experience.
Amazing interview there, it's great understand the onus of this great DAPP.

Thanks a million for sharing this valuable interview

Watched the first 10 minutes and I’ll be watching the rest later today

Keep up the good work guys


My pleasure! Take your time :)

I've been really blessed this past month or so to be spending time as a member of the Oracle-D community. I really like their mission and focus on reviewing and promoting blockchain companies and projects.

What an amazing and insightful interview, thanks to @andrarchy for organising it. I look forward to see where Oracle-D is going to take the Steem blockchain!!

There is no doubt, Oracle-D has blazed the trail in building communities using the technology of blockchain. Kudos to the entire team members.

Bookmarking this for further reference.

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really enjoyed this! thanks for hosting it @andrarchy

lots of great points brought up and made me even more excited to be here on steem.

huge future ahead and can’t wait to see what new businesses will be developed here.

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Glad you found it valuable Jon!

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News in 10 posts - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.


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@oracle-d has been doing a great job on the blockchain via creation of valuable business opportunities on the blockchain. Consequent upon that, it is a very great thing to have them featured on the Steemit Podcast. I believe that there will throw more light and enlightenment on how to build ones business on the blockchain.

Podcast saved!

Exactly, many project with little or few actually achieving them or even achieving 20% of what they promised.

Oracle-D is not building a project but rather creating a business platform using the organic community already available in the steem blockchain.

Glad to be a part of this great community and the blockchain steem.

1hr+ of non stop learning, going to get a full play of it later.

Great job on the podcast @andrarchy.

Thanks Matt and Dylan for creating time for this podcast

@Oracle-d has got a structural framework that always seem to amazing me, I've never experienced crowdsourcing at it's best until I met oracle-d, it's empowerment for tasks and jobs, something no blockchain will ever experience.

@oracle-D does such a great job by creation of blockchain system. It is a great community and creat businesses community. I give a big thumbs-up to oracle-D

Cool interview, nice to meet ya'll.
I agree, it's fun to show this to people that simply want to build and be creative.
Communities are great SIG opportunities, to simply meet your PEEPS!

Awesome doing the interview with you @andrarchy! very professional, and a great final edit! Learned and continue to learn a lot from your great inputs!


Thanks for being awesome guests and sharing the knowledge you've gained! I think people of all types can benefit a ton from learning more about the process of building a company in the blockchain space.

Really enjoyed hearing some great ideas to attract business to the ecosystem! I think we need to move past word of mouth and start sharing information like this to market the blockchain outwards and globally!

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@oracle-D does such a great job by creation of blockchain system. It is a great community and creat businesses community

Thanks a million for sharing this valuable interview @andrarchy

Thanks for sharing. Good job for blockchain lovers. Community will grow and very big.

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This account is fake or real? Found you through the steemitblog... But hard to figure out what is what without any up to date orientation around here. Search bar goes straight to google...

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The account is real.



ah this works ... pffff - "invalid permlink character ..." wont let me reply to the post itself on this or another account in both firefox and chrome so @dogfud ...

i was gonna say stuff but in short : if you feel like socializing (which not all of us do all the time despite the fact that some would make it mandatory, forgetting the original founding fathers of the whole planet of krypton didnt either ...) i suggest you ask around a bit, because that info is probably there since steemit day one. Just please keep in mind : not all that smiles is friendly. There's some nasty folk here too, a bit like "real life" or what do they call that ... thing ... :p

So i was saying : billionaires everywhere these days , its getting hard to keep track of the new lingo ... "organic communities" ? ill make sure to give it a listen.

At any rate good to see steem is far from dead and picks interest from people who get stuff done :p

(hoping this will post ... im not gonna re-write the whole page and a half, apologies for that)
steemit has been highly underrated and can use some serious attention, as far as i know it is still the one and only 100% fee-less (steemchain, not -it) with a very very decent speed in transactions to it and an EXCELLENT, pardon the caps, interface/Api making it really accessible to do lots of stuff with you wouldnt think of anywhere else ... so how come its so undervalued , i always think some of the bigguns compete it into the ground because they simply cant stand it :p

anywaaaaay .... i get skittish in the presence of giants, so im out (ill give it a listen - gotta stay up to speed after all ...)

.... yagh, well ... im just a nobody and im good with that, a vested interest in independence means too many leashes is counterproductive for me and ... to the handshake-day faction i keep saying : up until today no one knows who Satoshi is , or even most of the cronies who were there at the birth of shin-sekai we came to love already , and without those loners, NO ONE here or around would be on a center stage because there would be no blockchain to talk about :))

is what i keep saying ... to some people who seem to think its all about the ... usual stuff

so ... im losing topic again , and track, but its late, pinky promise ill give the interview a listen, the newed updates section has been quite interesting so far


good morning , i just turned it on, i had some idea on what community means and basically my biggest fear here is the salespitch will forego the O in organic (so to speak) - > the fact that communities are not built but aggregate over time in a natural or semi-natural process which might involve something you could call social gravity. Which could signify the fact that any artificial community will "crumble" down over time once the external force is released to its natural state . The definition of communities doesnt really state as much but sociology or many of the g's isnt really considered an exact science either . If you think in systems and systems alone and you think of physical concepts as applying to any system in existence it DOES show that any system were external force is applies will snap back to it's natural state (as defined by core laws such as gravity , which also applies at a social level because larger entities attract smaller entities which attract smaller satellites and so in, you could basically visualize this in the form of a solar system or a galaxy if you want to (take a mastodont like google for instance and all its satellites down to the last guy on a phone in the himalayas looking up what dangerous snow looks like to see where he shouldnt be stepping (so to speak).
But any entity applies "blockchain" in itself has become an entity around which many others revolve . It's really an abstract or a meta-concept of sorts.

SO , not wanting to get ahead, im 8 minutes into the interview - its just ive seen many many ICO's go up and down and 5 times as many people with a salespitch that's incredibly "sounding" , which leads to me being very cautious haha ...

but as i said on morgan last night : i wholeheartedly agree steem is ichiban among blockchains and what surprises me the most is that, since its open source afaik and nothing about it is patented, that no one has copied the whole thing yet (i personally dont have the means of setting up 50 or 100 people with nodes but im sure there's plenty who do) which cause some worry and a sense of urge to get this thing ahead and keep it on top.
Sadly im not the guy for that as the cat that walks by himself doesnt make for very good CEO-class management explaining how to to the board and even worse at selling pitches lol.

I have one more thing there so far (and ill have a lot by the time i listened 1.10 hours) but i got stuff to do as well so at the risk of not writing a total whitepaper on my opinion ill leave it there and edit when im done maybe a few lines more) : de-centralization is another fashionable word, like blockchain : everybody wants one, right ? 90% of the "blockchain" world are fashionistas because its NOT always the best solution for any given problem AND (pardon the caps) since the elders left the world with BTC(hain) and saw the world didnt really change but most just took it as a speculation option and then left this universe to move on to the next beyond the rim :

de-centralization has taken serious hits, you depend on nodes and in this case the actual governance depends on VERY FEW nodes (witnessess, in fact the TOP witnessess) so over over a million accounts (last year i havent checked since) you have 50 people deciding on the course and adaptations / alterations : that's less than parliament over the uk or as is in the states : hardly de-centralized :)

but thats ofcourse an opinion and true intellectual anarchy where people always seem to speak its at is quite hard to realize the more people get involved

and gud ....

here i go again :p ....

i gotta do some cleaning ... what i DO know is that compared to other technologies (another woard im loathe to use most of the time) its all babysteps here - but the push of the old world and the money often hastes it into (cf the beginning of my re-tort) "unnatural" states which give for nasty lashbacks (could say BTC on finance there for instance, but thats just one little example again)
i really should get on to doing something lol ill put it in the background

also the danger of confusing end-users with teknofiles and teknofiles with business-gurus and business gurus with organisational naturals is very much omni-present , as always ... systems dont NEED authority ( ... again ... but yes, systems..) but the do have hierarchy because each part, as the system has evolved has its own place and does what its best at without much questioning as its a symbiotic state for all the parts involved.

whew i usually end up making no sense but i do understand me so i guess i dont have to worry there :))

(also do excuse me if anyone replies and i miss it i havent been too active lately on the surface)


Hm, into it for about 30 minutes i could already take away a few things : i kinda like what i hear so far, even if it IS a salespitch to promote "our platform" (which is only natural, please dont mistake what im saying there) : the need to educate the old world on what this thing is and can do - which should not exclude the fact that SOMETIMES tying a carrot to a stick is still a better solution to move that donkey than shooting it with a tranq dart and brining in a crane and forklift to safely move it two metres so the train can pass ( got the weirdest examples, right?), you dont always need THE most recent method , you can still write hello world in basic on a commodore 64 if that's all you need to do, without overcomplicating things BUT
the options provided by the re-invention of old tek into this new concept opens up a lot of ways of looking at things, which seems to be very useful (for instance you get javascript or php : you get like 5 aliases for a command , which do exactly the same : by all logic thats four too many because be it at interpretation or compiling level you are ALWAYS losing cycles as it has to take the other four into account ... which in the age of "just-add-a-terabyte"-at-home seems to be neglected all the time)

And .. euhm i was saying yea, well indeed, to explain what's possible and how easy it CAN be if you invovle the right people (i can for instance run a number of voters - havent counted yet how many- plus a whole lot of other parsing scripts on a 150 euro pc , which isnt even a node, from my bedroom at home, without looking at it once its running (something the content-paladin faction doesnt like but i think they're stuck(up) on one little single aspect of steem-IT, not steem-chain (i also think negative voteweight is actually NOT beneficial but i'll try to leave that part out of this lol)

If i went around town asking 100 or 1000 people what "a blockchain" is , i think id be lucky if i found 10 or 100 who even gave explaining the word a try and that also leads to much misunderstanding as malicious marketeers will sell "the blockchain" to unsuspecting people with money because "it can do anything"

first : there IS no such thing as "the" blockchain, is there ? the word has become a magic word and a huge pitfall in the road to its own propagation and second : "the " blockchain can NOT do everything but it DOES make for a great catalyst and disruptive force as people find new ways to go at ...
stuff ?

its in the very very very beginner stage right now, i might be an oldtimes as i was one of the people to disbelieve when you might still mine it with CPU's ... i got ripped off by mt GOX , i burned GPU's mining bitcoin ... i followed the hunt for satoshi and now i feel steem is really indeed the summit of it at this very moment - which puts it in a dangerous position as less talent with more money only knows one way of competition : takeover or destroy - its been like that for always

im a loner myself , and that's not always appreciated, just as i dont appreciate people telling me how to do my stuff ? i know a bit of everything but im an expert in nothing, which is fine as multi-classers level slow but in the end turn out unbeatable if they survive long enough( any self-respecting geeks would know the Gygax bible i suppose)
For instance , if i'd do a game trying to put in the "latest" stuff like steem / phaser / babylonjs and whatever i can find that says 2019 on it , even if i get a finished product i couldnt sell it without asking others to do that for me because sales and marketing is somethign SO boring to me i just yawn and fall over at the thought of it
But to others it's not like that ... it seems to me the balance is a bit disrupted there too, and that's why there's a bit too much focus on handshake-first :)
You need something to sell before you shake over it (thats business again, but face it : there's monetary value involved and at the end of the day the baker doesnt sell you a loaf for a flashdrive with a STEEM on it)
SO ....
i have another problem usually i dont know what i was writing at the start by the time i get halfway but that's just how it is

i firmly believe in the potential , but i firmly DONT in humans as a concept :) if i had a million dollar atm id certainl spend half of it on steem and other tokens (becuase im a poor sod i can basically live nine lives on 100k ...) but the human factor : the regulators , the paladins, the enforcers .... i see them as a problem, be it at government level or funded by misterdelegation ... they oppose the whole idea

i wouldnt fear it ending as long as the company on top keeps a clear head though, that showed itself already going from $10-15 to 25 cents , even top witnesses were paying up front for the then-more-expensive (lots) nodes because they still believed even if from any reasonable business perspective quitting would have been the thing to do

resilience is one of the strongest traits of the whole of planet Crypton (as i like to call it), that's never been the problem, everyone inthere set out on a road to independence, not on a road to inter-dependence. Later adaptors however , i cant speak for that, a lot of those just smelled money ... stories like the winklevoss twins and the hype around ETH or EOS (like wth is an eth, right ?) havent really been helpful in anything but blinding lots of people

im not doing what i should be doing again, see, this is why i stopped talking so much, at the end of the day i did nothing but talk (hahalol)

stake or pay, whatever the word , at the end of the day you need people who invest fiat into it in order for it to gain value, and it would be a LOT more interesting to old money if it were traded at higher prices, which is why BTC, despite its total lack of actual utility is still ichiban. Wether one likes that or not is quite irrelevant to the reality of the situation. I still think ad-money is the way to go, while keeping it free, just like google and facebook have proven (hoping it doesnt grow to into any monstrosity like that) but for that you need a "target audience" you can show ... so i think that's where people like you come in :)
you KNOW how to and you're good at it, id suck at that, completely, i couldnt sell a cow to a starving farmer, you see ...


and so ... the conclusion :D

just a few final words : i think you're overestimating the attention span of generation iThing here , maybe you wanna cut it into shorter chunks for upcoming issues, allow me a moment : i know the people you interview dont have time to just make four appointments usually but you can release it in fours or threes - if you could actually track i think you'd find very few sitting through it for 1hour19minutes, which is a shame and a waste of your effort and the message not reaching.

  • whatever i wanna cook up myself, its clearly not money first but i do say a lot since steem i found my intrest in programming again, condenser is a real piece of work and with the coming split probably even better, what i probably try to say here is : at your level you should focus on business first as you NEED the input to provide your userbase with fertile grounds, but the userbase itself might need some explaining to : for instance what can you do with a 150 euro linux computer , some basic shell scripting , curl and a connection to the api (condenser and the future versions?) basically everything, you dont need a node , what is a DAPP ? (basically any webpage is a dapp as it runs across the world on any device that can access and interpret it), one of the biggest pitfalls in communication is the part where the speaker confuses the facts he/she takes for granted with what the audience actually knows
  • and (its more than a few words already , is it?) - security : i get the cold sweat when i see people here keeping half a million behind ONE key ... i know the nature of it doesnt really allow and kind of REAL two-factor authentication unless you add an extra layer, which would require extra storage which would most certainly not be free, unless you can find someone who gets by on advertising to warrant the costs AND can be trusted with all the funds entrusted , which probably in the end means giving up the illusion of anonimity (is there really something like anonimity on a public ledger ? something thats been puzzling me since the start but seems to have been a salespitchs for many, i mean between input and exit EVERY single bit of data is visible to the public around the globe - or even bypassing aliens- who care to give it a look, so any wallet that has ever been linked to a public site or ip can be tracked ... im sure the NSA already has a running simulation there, as might the chinese and the russians)
    what you could do on the steemit end is a very small bit to the wallet showing your last three logins (for instance) just as a guideline to see if you get some strange logins , AS AN OPT-IN (for the paranoid who think its tracking) and sure much more as well

but im not involved so i dont wanna tell anyone what to do (i keep expecting that from others towards me for some unreasonable reason though im always open for suggestions)

and then some its been two hours and i didnt really do much of what i was gonna do, i agree there wholeheartedely too : if you have the nine-to-five virus you shouldnt bother going beyond end-user (which is probably too strong a way of saying it hahah)

i gtg really , very interesting, but i do believe you should try smaller chunks in order to keep people locked throughout the message


i cant wait to see what people hack up from this b*tch in the near and distant future ...

... p.s : i know how the whole conception is that its unlikely to "guess" a key but people win the lottery every week -

look at it this way : (me and my statistics) the more keys in existence, the higher the chance you get one that's active simply by entering a random sequence of characters used, leaving out the advent of quantum computing i think that's an issue that will over time present itself inevitably, the further away from now, the more pressing that would get, to a point where it HAS to be addressed, which is why , if its possible to address it now, it wont have to be in the future (i know, the things that go around in my head, but i dont do where normal people live as i am totally ab and deviant from the norm by all statistical means and terminology :p)

i think its a real issue, especially for high value accounts , i mean im a bum and i dont even feel safe holding more than 500 to 1000 under one key - say what you willl, but money matters ...

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Thanks for hosting @Oracle-d. It's cool to know a bit more of @Starkerz and @anarcotech's bio and how they've successfully and linked their career to the #steem blockchain, thus becoming great #cryptopreneurs and particularly #steempreneurs.

I'll recommend this video for the young people am training in my Creativity Hub on how to leverage the Steem blockchain for their respective careers.

@Oracle-d have been a great inspiration and motivation for my #steem journey. Their willingness to empower people and businesses is amazing.

Thanks @andrarchy for this.


Dylan - We get stuff done.

Enough said! xD

We are full of hope that your excitement is reflected on us. I see the future in Steemit

Thanks so much for sharing this great interview. Very informative. Thank you.

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Very interesting, your post, is excellent ...

It sets the standard between decentralized Entrepreneurship and Marketing, a perfect milestone that breaks every paradigm, and is coupled with new technological inventions and adoptions, which are intended to be built and consolidated in the future ... and, of course, the Oracle company -D, is one of the pioneers, which is dedicated to building organic communities of blockchain in #steem, with the purpose of helping its expansion, penetrate the markets, develop over time, prepare for the future that is being invaded by the technological advances, decentralized network and monetized, as is the blockchain technology of #steem.
In addition to seeking, that every steemians, have the opportunity to develop, to invest in their personal projects, set up their own business, become entrepreneurs and innovative real entrepreneurs of this new tool, which has taken over the world of the new era, the blockchain technology.

On the other hand, there are the very well structured projects of @anarcotech, which try to change, combine and expand this technology, in a simple and practical way, to look for a perfect combination with all the sciences, and to have, that go from the small in a big way, or in the opposite case from big to small, to offer their work for the company of @oracle-d, which has the vision to change the scenarios, concepts, adoptions and perspectives of us humans, to interact in a world that offers us stability, confidence, security and that allows us to grow, under the premise of blockchain technology, that allows the empowerment of this resource, its usability, and thus, undertake tasks that allow decentralization in our lives, be the owners of our future, which belongs to us.

I write to you from Venezuelan, even in our worst moments, we have shown that we are committed to the new changes, and in our eagerness to continue innovating and pointing to the new challenges and challenges, here we are supporting, penetrating and participating in this new tool, that it will allow us to grow together and consolidate in time.

Best regards, in the distance, but not in oblivion.

Agradezco mucho su buena voluntad de compartir su valioso material que para los que apenas iniciamos en steemit nos sirve de mucho.

I have watched about half of the interview so far, will continue to watch the rest later. So far it's very interesting to hear more about @oracle-d. I've written quite a few articles with pleasure the past weeks, since I've discovered about their tasks. Great to learn more about everything behind @oracle-d's vision. So far I've been watching it with great interest, so I can imagine you didn't want to cut out any parts of it @andrarchy!